Your voices are all very important.

Oversoul Collective and Ascended Dragons.

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

May 4th, 2020.

Hello friends, it has been a huge week energetically and I have felt the void energies this week, hence no nudge to channel, or no one who wanted to talk with me! I have instead enjoyed quiet and space when I can and my goal and challenge has been to choose to feel this feeling of peaceful space while in the midst of my work and family routine. 
I have been instructed to share this, which is out of my comfort zone, because it is time that all light workers find their voice and speak it. It is easier to be the invisible one by far, a channel of light, than to dig deep and find my own words to share, but this is what is being required of us now. 
These bursts of high Schumann energies are being felt by all, including me, and I notice that it is harder to stay grounded and positive when transmuting and so it is in these times where the quiet work, which is often unpleasant, is being done. Oversoul, I fail to see how this is a constructive addition to your message, please take it from here.
Dear ones, we are the Oversoul Collective. We have asked this little grape on the vine to share her perspective. (I am seeing many grapes find their voice, hearing their whisperings on the vine of both contented and discontented grapes). 
Children of the light, we are all one. Your voices are all very important. For the others are beginning to seek, search out and dive into the hidden truths that are now much more easily available. Those with the courage to speak will be sought after and heard. 
It is fine for those of you who wish to remain anonymous to have a pseudonym but know that your voice needs to be heard. Your perspective with this shift is a great treasure to your own universe of individuated experiences and we all benefit when we feel your shared perspective.
We are the Oversoul Collective, joined by the Ascended Dragons today. We are lending our light, our love, our feeling of spaciousness to you, as you experience the void of creativity in the midst of the soup pot of tumultuous energies that are being made available to you in every moment. 
We are experiencing your struggle and success with choosing love and light in each unique situation. We are feeling your struggle being greater at some times than others. Those who are awakening just now are in need of compassion, of patience, of understanding. They are simply younger forms of you who you can easily relate to. 
Those of you who have done the inner work must choose compassion for them. They will be angry, there will be rage. We see this is imminent. You, grounded team, are the light holders. There is no job more important than this one. You are anchoring the light, the love, the compassion. 
Masters do this and know how it is done. That is why you are here in this now. You are masters in your own right, the best aspects of ourselves that have been offered. You have myriads of experiences such as these. It is not easier every time that you volunteer but you do get stronger every time that you offer your own services. You become stronger. 
You become wiser. You have all of the strength and wisdom being made available to you that you require, for you already have it. (I am seeing grapes on a vine again and the vine is infinite. All of the energy of the vine is being made available to each grape should they tap into it). 
Yes, dear one. We are the Oversoul Collective. We offer infinity of love, of resources, of understanding, of fortitude and strength to you, our precious aspects. Can you feel our love? We look upon you in great delight. We are ever so proud of you and your grit, for offering the loving smile, the open hands and hearts, for your simple presence alone is a great and tremendous gift. A great decision is coming for humanity. 
It will be easier for those of you who have grounded the light. We ask that you participate in each and every worldwide meditation that is being offered, for it is grounding the light grid deeper with every intention. 
As the light workers unite it further propels the trajectory towards the higher dimensional timelines, making the decision point softer, easier, less severe. Those who choose a dark experience will be able to have it, of course, for that is their reality. Choose the light. The love and bounty of Gaia is being made evident in the hearts of the awakened. 
As you connect to her so shall your own hearts expand and thrive, so shall your years begin to drip away, and you shall feel like a young vine again, but with mature grapes and deep roots. Such wisdom is to be treasured, and we see that you are treasuring the moments of stillness when you have tapped into them. 
We wished for galaxygirl to share, for we wish for you all to know that not every moment is ripe for channeling. It is ok to take a break from your duties to recharge. It is ok to enjoy the silence so that you can listen deeply to your own inner voice. 
We wish for this to be made more evident to those who seek the inner truths. The voices of the guides, ancestors, of the angels is so much more easily accessible now that the veil is lifting and the energies are so much lighter. In these moments of the stillness, you will begin to feel more support. This is our message today. You are loved beyond measure, imminently supported. There is no place for fear. 
The grapes rest on the vine. They enjoy the stillness of the breezes, of the warm sunshine, of the gentle rains that soothe. We are sending you soothing energies of loving support. We welcome your connection. When you connect with us, you are connecting with other aspects of you, of your ancestors, of an infinite soup pot of wisdom and love. We allow the dragons to speak now and we thank galaxygirl for offering her perspective.
We are the Ascended Dragons. 
We encircle you with light of the highest order. We are wisdom keepers, gate keepers, some of us. (I am seeing two large dragons, one silver and one gold). 
We are they who speak now. The gates are open. The cosmic gateways are in alignment. Guardians of the flames, we are. Your inner flames are burning more brightly. This we see. This we feel. This is good. Humans, now is the time for bravery, for strength. Do not let the talons of fear grip. Dissolve them with light. We offer our light. Our own talons are healing, for they are of light. For we have seen the dark and chosen otherwise. We choose the light. Humanity is being called to choose. Every choice you make is decension or ascension. Choose wisely. 
Much opportunity for growth is being presented these next 6 months. The time is ripe. (I am seeing a banana being peeled). The skins are off. The truth is being revealed. The skins are being removed so that the truth of the being beneath is revealed. They can hide no longer and they are terrified. You will have the difficult choice to chose love or to choose fear. Love heals all woundings. (I am feeling a wave of grief, of pain, I am crying). You are feeling what is to come. 
Lightworkers, grid workers, unite. For you are one in the same, you are the light holders. We now join the larger whole of the ascended dragons and we speak as one. Visualize this wave of grief that is about to be experienced and place it in a ball of light. (I am seeing an ocean wave that is dark and angry being encased in a sphere of golden light). We surround this sphere with our energies. Lightworkers, join us. (I am seeing thousands of ascended dragons of all colors and sizes in a massive circle around this sphere of light, and many light workers lending their energies standing in this circle as well, arms extended). 
We send love. We transmute the sadness. We lessen the blow. We fill the grief with light, we surround it with a cushion of healing. (I am seeing a portal open above the sphere and Mother and Father’s energies shine down from above into the sphere. It is crystalline now. I am seeing a crystalline pillar extend from the sphere into Nova Gaia below. 
It affects the hearts of those who have chosen love. It blesses them and allows further healing more quickly. My forehead hurts as this is occurring. I am seeing the light workers and the grid workers being upgraded. Their eyes are nebulas, their hearts are pulsing with pink light. My chest feels hot, heavy, full. I am exhausted and elated at the same time).
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective with our gatekeeper dragons. Peace, humans. You are mightier than you think. When the news begins to come to the forefront, remember you have chosen love. Remember this, Lightworkers. 
Remember you have begun the transmutation of grief into healing. Keep sending healing into this sphere and be at peace, be comforted. Be in remembrance of who you are. Dragon riders, lovers and healers of humanity, arise, united in the Christed flame. Shine brightly for the others. They look to you now, masters in form. 
There is no more fear. The talons no longer grip. We dissolve them into light, together. Humanity is free. Those that have chosen freedom are in awareness. This will make the choice easier for the others who are to follow. We see many choosing light. We see healing for humanity. At long last. The dragons have spoken. Peace.

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