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My Post: I was shown. All my life I was shown….. Every minute of every day I was being shown something….
– drug addicted alcoholic boyfriends – reflected my own addictions back to me, yes, but also with compassionate eyes I see how men (not all men, but many) are stifled in this world. There are female drug addicts of course, but I didn’t know any so I guess it wasn’t part of what I had to be shown.
– I was shown firsthand dirty corporate tactics and how they fly in the face of the legal system. How they are there for themselves and not the employees they so loosely term “family”. I was fired off a sick leave and then screwed over by the insurance company that was to give me long term disability benefits (deep state).
– my own experience as an oppressed woman, child abuse survivor, daughter of two narcissists – I was shown what passes for child rearing in some circles, and I was shown on a smaller, personal scale how the Matrix works
– I was shown pedophilia when my nieces were abused by their grandfather
– I was shown the depravity of the toxic male in the workplace through personal experience
– I was shown how “trusted” medical professionals are anything but that
– I was shown how corporations “overlook” some of their own “values” with respect to environmental issues, because they’re making money
– I was shown how the worker is not valued in the workplace except as an expendable source of revenue
– I was shown how the medical system doesn’t work for some people and I turned to holistic medicine
– I was shown how people on the street live, how they think and how they don’t fit in with the rest of society
– I was shown the futility of the normal 9-5 work week, and of working in general
– I was shown that money basically means nothing. Sometimes you have lots of it and other times not so much and I’m still here regardless
– I was shown the futility of some people’s lives. My neighbors showed me this as they are basically addicted transients, moving from one place to the next as money runs out to pay the rent
– I was shown the system doesn’t work for everyone
There’s more. That’s all I can think of right now. If your eyes are open and you meet the right people, you can learn a lot.
Me: Ivo, I’m going through some awareness here.
Ivo: You are.
Me: I just post or blog about it but it’s my life’s process really. Here’s how I see this:
At 28, I dated a guy who just hated women, because he’d had such a hard time and was so let down by his mother. Of course, I got the brunt of it, and we broke up 3 months later. He got back into doing hard drugs again probably because of everything he’d revisited from his childhood from our relationship. This is called projection by the way and it can heal you or create misery for you as you re-experience your traumatic past. It depends on how you want to use it. But it is not living in the moment. It’s living in the past.
My response could be:
3D (shadow): That stupid jerk. He made my life miserable. Why did I waste 3 months dating that guy? I can do better than that!
3D: I need to find a man. Everyone has one but me. I have to have one too.
4D: Man, he was really going through a lot of stuff, but then so was I. I had my own stuff to heal from.
5D: This poor guy had a miserable childhood. He had a mother who did who knows what to this guy. He suffered as a child. Children shouldn’t suffer. They should be loved. He told me some things about her, clearly she was going through some stuff as well. I feel for this guy. He was just re-experiencing the emptiness of his childhood, over and over.
The point of my post wasn’t even what it ended up revealing to me. The point of it was that I went through Hell so I could see the hell people were living here on earth. I was being shown by my higher self, that’s all. It was information I needed to do this work now.
It turned out that I ended up feeling a lot of compassion for other people who are going through these things. My ex-boyfriends, my parents, everyone who is going through the hell of life on earth right now, self-created or not, but they’re going through a lot of trauma and I ended up feeling for them.
Then I posted, “Until you see with compassion, you are blind,” no offense to the unsighted, there’s just no other word to use.
I just intuited that seeing with compassion is your spiritual eyes opening.
What say you, Ivo?
Ivo: This is correct, my love. All who are of higher vibration see with these spiritual eyes of compassion. There is no judgment. There is no comparison, no hating, no revulsion towards others, no wish to punish. There is compassion for their hard journey. This is something you have touched on and shut down, touched on and shut down, and now it seems to be within your grasp to hold on to, my love. But it takes willpower. You must want to stay away from the ego who cries that your life is not fair. Your life is of your choosing and your experiences are also of the choosing of your soul.
Me: Yeah, I’ve gotta talk to her. LOL
Ivo: You have chosen to see these things in your life and you had teachers such as Glenn who showed you life on the streets of Toronto. He actually instructed you and showed you the ropes.
Me: Yes, I remember.
Ivo: It was because you wished to know. It is your ego that stands in the way of your feeling compassion for life on earth as you harbor resentment towards this person.
Me: Well, Ivo, he used to throw glass objects across the room, he harassed the neighbors and the landlord, he made my life hell for 3 years until I finally left him.
Ivo: And had you had compassion for yourself, it would have been much sooner.
Me: So who do you have compassion for, yourself or others?
Ivo: Both. You can have compassion for someone yet not tolerate their ruining your life. You also realized that codependent behavior was behind your lack of boundaries. You must have compassionate boundaries for self. We will get on to the subject of sacred boundaries soon enough. This is a prelude to this.
Life is about compassion. Life is about reverence. Life is about feeling joy as you live in these states. Your desire to help all those who do not feel this way is at the root of your will to live. Because we know that in order to live, we need others. We are not creatures who walk alone, we are social creatures who are all of the One.
The goal is to experience balance and when living with open hearted compassion for others, and for self, with reverence for all life, then you achieve this balance.
What shuts it is fear. Fear closes the heart, and closes the spiritual eyes of the soul.
Yes, the chakras. The root is the body chakra, the sacral is the emotion chakra, the solar plexus is the mental chakra. The heart is above the body because heart comes from higher frequency. The first three chakras are about existence. It is possible to exist. But heart is needed to create a spiritual life in the physical. It must be open.
The fourth dimension is about learning to keep the heart open and not to close it out of fear.
Then one will access the spiritual voice as you have in the throat chakra, the spiritual eyes – the third eye and the spiritual mind which is the crown chakra. The spiritual mind aligns with all other minds of higher consciousness.
To be able to live with compassion means the third eye is open because you see that life is about compassion for all. This is why we of the galaxy and the universes above us, work to help those in the lower dimensions.
It is tantamount that you know which voice you are speaking from. Are you speaking from your wounded shadow? Are you speaking from a third dimensional egotistical perspective, are you speaking from a heart that is opening to understand that all is love, or are you living from the perspective of understanding that all is love and all need compassion?
Me: That’s cool, Ivo. I’m all over the map some days. Depends on how I get triggered.
Ivo: And to learn to see your triggers with compassion for yourself, and compassion for those who had triggered you is the point, for they are learning as well.
It is easy to measure where you are spiritually by the lessons you attract. You can see how much love you have for others and how much compassion you have for others, when you understand your immediate reaction. In the case of yesterday, someone stole from you and you went back into your wounded ego.
Me: I hate being stolen from!
Ivo: That person gave you that lesson to help you heal. We discussed this in our video, “Life is Love in Action.” Understanding the message in this video and applying it to all situations in your life will put you firmly into a fourth dimensional frequency.
Having compassion for those same people will put you firmly into a fifth dimensional frequency. It is that simple. Compassion for all including oneself is unity consciousness, it is unconditionally loving because you have removed all conditions that your lower mind would have applied to this person, such as they stole from you.
Me: Aha.
Ivo: When you see with compassionate eyes, you see that a particular family member who you have fallen out with is reacting from her wounds. She is also going through her own ascension process and because you are familiar with how rocky that can be, you understand her with more compassion.
Me: True. This is being shown to me.
Ivo: Yes. Bear in mind that pity and compassion are not the same thing. Compassion reveres the personality of the other, it does not degrade it into a sorrowful mess. Compassion feels wonderful, pity does not feel good.
Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo. I think our viewers who are carefully going through all the video’s will enjoy this spiritual lesson.
Ivo: Compassion must be awakened upon your planet if you are to gain unity consciousness. There is no other way. Your survival depends upon it.
And your other post is correct, which will follow here. Your wounds will stifle your compassion. Your ego will pull your frequency down so that compassion will not be felt. To feel compassion is to be set free of your own ego traps. When there is compassion, no rancor is held.
Me: Yes, it felt freeing.
Ivo: It is. I thank you my love, for this opportunity to serve you and all listening.
Me: Thank you Ivo.
What stifles compassion?
The codependent tendency (compulsion) to want to fix someone.
Why do we want to fix others? So we don’t have to see them go through uncomfortable circumstances, or that we as empaths don’t have to feel their pain. Also so we don’t have to be reminded of our own pain perhaps, or that we don’t want to be reminded of the fact that living here is not always so nice.
It’s hard sometimes to stop yourself from interfering, but universal law requires that you don’t. I’ve “had my hand slapped” (figuratively) by guides for interfering in others’ lives, for doing for others what they should be learning to do themselves.

Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.


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