You Posses the Key.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, USA, April 22, 2013.

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

Posted 2019/07/05

 Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians


Alabama, US of A, April 22, 2013. 
Teacher: Thought Adjuster. 
Subject: “” 
Message received by Oscar. 
Thought Adjuster: “Considering what is truly important, your dreams of wealth, travel, pleasures, and more, become irrelevant. You are starting to realize that none of these things are necessary to live a happy life. In fact, I declare that you can be happy at any moment, in any situation, and in any part of this world. Which one would be the best lesson to learn? How to achieve your illusory and materialistic dreams? Or how to be happy and keep progressing regardless of what happens around you? You know the answer. 
“Always remember that everything that happens can be for your benefit and can contribute to your growth. You are living an authentic human life, rich in experiences and lessons that will promote a strong, balanced, and courageous character. This only happens if you allow it and if you make the most of every lesson. Leave behind once and for all your expectations and your materialistic desires and focus on receiving what your Father offers in abundance, which is precisely what your soul needs most. 
“I wish you could consider these things from an eternal point of view! Accept by faith that what you live today can have consequences in your eternal future beyond this world. Live in the highest and most spiritual way you can imagine in this world and you will be living in morontia. Those who concern themselves so much with preserving their material status, their wealth, and their advantages, will face a big and disappointing surprise when they awaken in a world where the physical needs and even some of the higher pleasures are available to all, without restrictions or discrimination. They will realize that they spent their lives struggling to keep something they inevitably lost. However, those who strive with courage to accumulate the spiritual treasures – the products of a true and rich experience in material life – will find that they are well qualified to live in a new and better world, when they awaken on the Mansion worlds. 
“What will you worry about, now you know that all the things that are truly useful in the human experience you will carry with you forever? What sense does it make to add a list of false needs to the loads you have to carry in this world? It is you who possesses the keys for your own freedom, and many could leave behind their heavy loads right now, by simply focusing on the stillness of their hearts to receive the satisfaction of the true desires of their souls through the Presence of the Father.”


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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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