Your Time Has Come…

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

June 13th, 2019



The Universe is aware that you have been doing some deep releasing over the past few days and, with more on the way, it may feel as if you are running a marathon. (Smiling) 

One thing to keep in mind; you control the pace!  

If you want things to move slower, ask.  

If you would like it to speed up, okay.  

The choice is yours but, keep this in mind; it may be tempting to release things as quickly as possible to ‘get it over with’ but, check in and see if it is really the best thing in this moment.  

You know you better than anyone else, know exactly what you can take and how your inner self accepts change.  

Listen to your body and soul and all will be well.


Jennifer Farley





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