Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

January 17th, 2020


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.
Many are suffering now—from financial hardship, environmental shifts and disasters, cultural or social trends, armed conflict, illness or the stresses of evolvement, family issues, old trauma coming up to be healed.
More than we can mention here.
And so our writer has asked us to address the inner pressures so many are experiencing now, and what support is available, which anyone can call upon if they choose.
And we would say, please be aware to begin with, that you did not come here alone.
You are at any time, and especially when you call upon them, buoyed up by your soul family and twin flame, who understand your journey intimately, are not shocked or judgmental about any of it, and who stand at the ready, willing and wanting to assist however they can.
You likewise have a beautiful team of Angelic guardians, spirit guides, and higher self whose whole reason for being connected to this Earth (as opposed to be entirely taken up with other realms) is your life experiences, your well-being, your mental/emotional state, your progress as a Light Being in an Earth body.
If you would only know how powerfully loved you are, you would cease to judge the circumstances of your life as not enough, or not Joyful, or not acceptable.
You would instead wait patiently for the beautiful gift that lay beneath each moment, each interaction, each circumstance, without requiring that it show up immediately or in obvious ways.
You would in fact, go through your day believing and knowing that at every moment, some beautiful unseen Light Being you have called in was working on opening your crown chakra, or healing a physical ailment or your heart-space—
All to assure you not only that you are being attended to by the finest healers in the Universe (though the shape and size of some would surprise you a bit), but that your own higher self has called in and sanctioned that healing.
And on those days in which you feel that not enough money, or wisdom, or physical healing, or loved ones were flowing into your life in perfect ways, you would sit quietly with that feeling and allow the unhealed aspect of your psyche to come before you, revealing itself perhaps in symbolic form, before understanding that symbolism is everywhere in your life.
That if the well appears to be dry in some area of your experience (or your country, or the world), it is because the flow of energies are too congested and blocked there to assist in an Abundance of whatever you feel is missing.
Or because you are missing the point of the hidden blessings contained in what appears to be a disaster, a lack, an illness, or an error.
Can you sit and Allow, friends, when your life calls you to do so?
Can you quiet the ego long enough that it stops taxing you, or ruining your day and how you feel about life?
Could you, if you had to, find some way to shift your focus from something uncomfortable to something which gives you Joy, or at least prompts a smile for a moment–
Thereby giving your higher self the breathing room they need to present a higher view of the situation?
Could you rest or meditate or just concentrate on your breathing for a full 60 seconds, or (in private) do some tapping on the meridian points, to move your assessment of “I haven’t got the inner resources to deal with this” to “I am moving through this with grace, calm, and Peacefulness.”
“I bet you can!” is what a dear Light Bringer who spoke to children on a long-running television series used to say, and we are betting that you can as well.
We are betting that you are capable of moving up the vibrational scale from despair or rage, or grief or fear, to a place of neutrality, where you look at an issue without passing judgments such as, “I can’t believe this—I feel like the Universe has abandoned me,” or “No matter what I do, this issue just won’t budge.”
Photo by Lynne Newman
Then we would say, Stop pushing. Rest for a moment in calm and quiet.
It is not that we do not understand the quandary of being a Light Bringer in this era, and yet still having a rough life some days, or many days.
People will often ask our writer, “How is that I am a spiritually aware, compassionate person, and there are people out there who don’t know their soul from their boot, and they’re doing great financially (or have no health issues, or have a great life partner, etc.), while I sit here in the mud?”
And we would say, the two are not related.
If you were to wear a green shirt one day, and saw your friend had an orange one on, you wouldn’t demand to know why they weren’t wearing green as you were.
You would grant that they had their own taste and their own preferences, and that what they wore had little or nothing to do with what you wear.
In the same way—to each their own path, their own experiences, and crucially, their own vibration.
Your friend who is not yet awake will not have had the same depth of challenges that you have in some areas, just as you will not suffer as they have, in other areas.
It is well-known that many who have a higher dimensional view of life have challenges that they find vexing and hard to accept, as if they ought to be above all struggles—ought to sail through them with ease because, well, “I understand more about how the Universe works than the unawakened among us.”
Yet that is amusing, when they think about it.
You did not come here to witness less, or to learn less, or to deal with less, due to the evolvement you have achieved!
The 20-year-old does not ask why the kindergartner is having such an easy time of it, coloring and having story time, while the older student struggles with the work day or college-level calculus.
It is understood that all learn at the level at which they are ready to learn, except for a few very fast learners, one might say.
Photo by Jennifer Scalia
And so you wrote into your life chart certain areas of life that would not come easily to you—themes, in fact—because you were curious to know how you would show up under those circumstances.
Curious to know what new Light you could anchor in those issues, and how you would use them to gain greater wisdom and soul knowledge in your Ascension journey.
We could in fact say to you, “You are not having an easy time of it right now, because the current energies coming to the Earth plane are unearthing unresolved trauma from this and other lives.
“And because you are anchoring Light in places and in situations where there is great resistance to your Light.”
And you might understandably reply, “You don’t understand the issue! I happen to love Abundance (or good health, or family life, or fulfilling work)—it is written into my spirit as part of what I rejoice in, yet it eludes me!
“What spiritual point am I missing here? Because my life isn’t working outwardly as I’d like.”
And we would say, “Nothing is amiss. You are simply experiencing the negative of what you desire.
“That is a part of knowing, understanding, and appreciating what you desire. 
“It is the path to loving something (or someone), whether or not that has shown up in your life yet.
“That is a skill you possess in the higher realms, and now you are anchoring it into Earth life.”
You have had the experience of someone liking or approving of you, so long as you are in a happy mood.
The moment you are in a tough spot, and feeling sad or upset about life, they express their disappointment.
You will recognize this as a highly conditional form of Love that is not really Love, but a matter of social approval or ego preference.
Whatever occurs, you are still at the helm, dear ones, because you have the choice of how you will feel about a difficult situation, person, or moment.
Once you cease to judge what you are experiencing as bad, difficult, or too much to ask, you move forward in leaps and bounds.
We cannot begin to describe the level of empowerment that enters your life, the moment you release your unhappiness about things not occurring as you would like.
In that moment you rise above circumstance, as a warrior turning the battle around in their favor when it is least expected.
In that moment, you rise above your own emotional ruts and patterns, your mind’s insistence on labels and categories.
You mark a new pattern, a new pace and property for yourself, in deciding that not only is there nothing amiss, but All Is Well on every front.
This need not be logical to the mind in order to be powerfully effective in assisting you in creating what you desire—and knowing Peace even before then.
“I don’t think I can fake that,” you may be thinking.
Simply hold the idea in your mind—the image, the idea of not judging, of quietly accepting this less-than-happy situation without struggle or resistance, fear or anxiety.
Image yourself being OK with it, rather than disapproving of it, concluding you have failed, or asking “Why?”
Hold that image of self-sufficiency—not allowing appearances in the physical to determine your outlook—hold it for 10 seconds or longer, and you will have won a great battle, friend.
And who is this older, wiser self who is not rattled by life’s letdowns, sharp turns, and even tragedies, for very long?
This independent spirit who lets things go—who calmly watches Annoyance or Disappointment float down the stream and dissolve as quickly as it came?
It is the self you are now, and that is why the heaviness of what you feel in the present moment is so unacceptable to you.
You will need to Love yourself through this time of healing ancient wounds, and you will need to allow all your aspects—the Angel, the Warrior, the Healer, the Storyteller—to allow all your various roles as a Light Bringer—to arise as needed to meet every challenge.
Your flexibility, your capability to meet every situation in ways that resonate above that situation, is astounding, dear ones.
“All Things Must Pass” –
You have demonstrated that many times in many lives, many dimensions.
This is but one more.
You have outgrown the fears and pitfalls of the ego-mind, which you are increasingly overcoming and releasing for all time-space.
We bow to your perseverance, your vision, your deeply felt desires and visions.
All of it—even the sadness and isolation you feel at times—beautiful and sacred in their own way.
We view it as an emblem of the Earth life you came to experience, for the sake of Earth Herself, and all Her beings.
Can you stand larger than that which occurs to or around you?
Yes. “We bet you can!”
Namaste, dear ones!

No matter what, you are never alone.
Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2020.

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