You are so much stronger than you know.

Mother and Father God  

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

March 2, 2020.


Dear children of my heart, I am your Mother God speaking. 
I wish for you to breathe in my energies of love, of peace, of comfort. As a cool breeze delightfully soothes one on a warm day, so too do I soothe your frazzled nerves and your morphing forms with more light. I am surrounding you in shimmering light as a cape. Let this energy surround and comfort you. 
I see you through the eyes of love, through the eye of my heart. You have been informed of the recent collaboration of the stars and their network of light. How lovely, isn’t it? Even the stars are conspiring to lovingly help and assist you! 
You have many friends in high places and you are not alone. Source has learned so much from this experiment as have all of those involved. The richness of this ascension while within the physical is priceless. 
It will be a gem in your crown of memories that you will tuck into your heart as the greatest of treasures. These experiences that you are having are intense, definitely, but they are not insurmountable. For I am climbing the mountain peak of ascension with you. The views from the top are most breathtaking. 
I feel this way when I see you, my children who have held so steadfastly to the light despite every obstacle that the dark has thrown in your direction. You are so much stronger than you know. The veil is rending top to bottom, a fitting analogy for higher dimensional energies penetrating the lowest of matrixes.
Children, I want you to think of crystals for this is want you are becoming. 
The crystalline matrix is becoming alive again within your once dormant DNA. These crystalline structures are shining with rainbow codes of flashing light. I am breathing on you now dear one, onto your crown clearing away that which clouds your sight and breathing into your heart to dissolve that which clouds your ability to completely love another. 
For you are all my children and you all will be brimming over with my love once the event happens. But I want you to have your own mini-event daily, in every moment with me. When you feel love and when you express it freely to others then you are me in human form, you are the event that you seek. 
For if you all allowed this divine love as freely within you as you desire all would change in an instant. And so I say to you, dear hearts of the way, love. Love more freely, love more fully. Send love to the fear that surrounds, send love to those who are afraid or ill. Send love to your brothers and sisters who have little to eat. 
Provide for them if you can. Be my hands and feet, be me in human expression.
I am your Mother God. 
I see you with eyes brimming over with tears of great affection. These trials upon your planet have made you all so much stronger it takes my breath away. We always knew you were up for it and you have not disappointed. 
Do not allow such thoughts to creep into your space. It is time to fully love yourself, to fully forgive yourself for what may have happed in one of your many experiences. Many old and darkest of the dark remaining energies have surfaced for we are on the final layer of muck to clear, the sediment at the bottom of a large ocean. You must fully release the past so that you can fully embrace your future. Forgive it. Release it. Allow me to help you.
I am your Mother God. I see you, I know you , I love you. Your experiences are your greatest of lessons. Learn, bless, move on from them. Do not be surprised as things surface for you to clear and forgive. 
You have had a myriad of lifetimes to clear with great purpose, passion and intention. It has been exhausting work and we acknowledge your dedication and sacrifice. We in the Company of Heaven are cheering you on so mightily. 
And yet also tenderly we support you. I am enfolding you in the softest of white wings. Now look and see to whom they are attached? They are attached to you, dear one, human angel in form. Welcome home to the higher dimensional energies of loving unconditionally, including yourself. Forgive, release, and keep walking ahead, hand in my hand. 
Together we can do anything. You are not alone.
Hello children this is your Father. 
Mother has said what I was thinking, again (laughter). She tends to do that. Please know that we are so proud of you! You are our all my favorite ascending light workers! I couldn’t be prouder of you and your hard work. It’s really paying off. Just look around, no, look within you. 
Look inside. See how much braver, wiser, stronger you have become. You are becoming the superhero within that we always knew that you were and that you acknowledged to be before this arduous assignment. It’s not quite time to sit back and relax yet, there is more to do. But you are not alone. 
We are with you every step of the way and it is important that you really feel this to be true for it will strengthen your immunity to the fear that is being thrown about like tacks. Don’t step on a tack. 
You know what happens. When you see the little bits of fear tacks being thrown your way, dissolve them with light, with the violet flame, with the laughter of a soul who is confident and secure in faith. Have faith in us that we have your hands held and feet looked after. 
Be wise, be shrewd, but rest in the faith of this knowing that you are well protected and loved. Listen to your higher self, it will not steer you wrong. And of course you can always talk to me. It is the highlight of my day when you want to talk with old dad. It is! Absolutely! You are all my favorites. Did I already say that? And what a ride! 
Go Team Gaia! We love you so much.






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