You are more than your body.


Through Galaxygirl.

April 13, 2020.


I am Gaia. I come before you in all of my forms, descended and ascended, parallel realms and timelines.
I am Gaia. I have always been a multidimensional playground for those who wish to experience duality and a furthering of their own expansion. In this way I have served many and I have been blessed by many as we are all experiencing this together. I came through for I wish you to know that I am Nova Gaia, and I am the current Gaia from which you stand. I am multidimensional. I wish for you to understand to feel your own multidimensionality, for it is time to further your own understanding of your greatness. You are both descended and ascended. 
You are more than the you whose hands you see when you wave at a friend. That is your body, your physical jar that is getting upgraded moment by moment, breath by breath if that is your intention. Others are choosing descension. Their time is short for I can no longer support their forms energetically. It is wise for them to depart in this time or they would be most unhappy in paradise should they survive. But they must be a vibrational match. You must be a vibrational match for the experiences that you seek, this you know, way-showers. For you have sought vibrations of peace happiness, abundance. And indeed these are coming rapidly to you if you are holding them in your high heart.
I am Gaia. I normally come through in one form of me, one aspect. This one is hoping to learn more of Nova Gaia, which is on the minds and hearts of the many right now, in this moment. Nova Gaia is being created, built, prepared, and nurtured for the ascending ones. You will create. You will garden. You will build. You will love deeply with the love of your life. Reunions, families, joy! I see such joy for my realms as well, my kingdoms in healing, in harmony, in love and divine balance. 
The divine balance is rebalancing. The divine order is returning. The divine dance of the sacred feminine with the strong, empowering divine masculine begins. I am ready to dance. I am ready for this divine rebalancing and rebirth. I am ready to be born into the higher dimensional realms permanently. Be assured I already reside there in many forms, on many levels. Be assured this realm in which you are residing, of dreamtime and invisibility, of the intangible, is drifting and fading away into nothing. The rending is almost complete.
Those of you reading heed these words, and know that the imminency is nigh, and I say this with great love and tremendous respect and thanksgiving. My hearts flows with joy! As the waterfalls on your planet bless my kingdoms, so too have my fellow light workers deeply blessed me, deeply been a part of my healing. And this is why you came, from all over you came. I am so exceedingly thankful and grateful for your care and service. You saved me. And together we shall rise. And I shall save you. Dimensionally hop on children, hop on for the ride. Hold on to love! That is your seatbelt through this bumpy ride. Love. Choose love. It is the dimensional vibratory match that you seek. For love is all there is and we are becoming reacquainted with deep and true meaningful love.
The illusionary path is complete. All have chosen. Let them choose. Release, let go. You are to chose love and light as way-showers of the higher dimensional vortex of light, of the womb of the mother where love is built. This is how I see myself, as the birthplace of love now, of the new. Nova Gaia is not only a special place in my heart, it is my heart. The higher dimensional beings of light are extending their hands and hearts in service. Their technology is but a breath away and their hearts are strong. But you, my boots on the ground, my ground team, you have been lifting the dross of the lower dimensional energies, clearing, cleaning, stumbling in the dark, and you have still succeeded. You are so strong. I wipe the tears from your eyes. Soon these shall be changed from tears of sadness to tears of joy, of reunion.
I am Gaia. I am all aspects of me. I embrace all aspects of me, the wounded me and the ascended me. This is my healing. I suggest you see yourselves in this way, as the vast multidimensional beings of greatness that you are. It will aid you in your healing. Allow me to heal you. Meditate with me. Put your feet in my dark earth. Allow my trees to cover you in shade, shielding you from the elements, from the outside noise that competes for your attention. Feel my shade. Be comforted in my shadows, for it is in this place of stillness that all is birthed.
I am Gaia. I am ascended. I am bringing this dimensional aspect of my form up to the higher dimensional form of me. Nova Gaians, you are home when you connect with me. There is a saying on your realm “not all who wander are lost.” Many of you have felt lost for your entire lives. Many of you long for home. Allow me the grace of being your current planetary home. It is the higher dimensional energies that you long for, more than a place, more than your star system. It is the vibration of home, of love, of harmony. Nova Gaia is this. I am this. If you are aligned with this, then you shall aways feel home, for there I am with you.
I am Gaia. Welcome home dear ones, welcome home. I love you, I love you. Dear ones, precious adventurers, you are home. I kiss your foreheads. Hold my hands. Tuck in for the ride. Choose love. My love surrounds you in every moment. Accept this blessing and be at peace.




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