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Through Galaxygirl,

December 12, 2019

Posted December 18, 2019


Welcome to New Earth. We are the Oversoul Collective. 

We are one of many collectives, of collectives. For we see from a higher viewpoint and offer perhaps a more expanded perspective. For we are after all higher aspects and perspectives of you. (I am seeing a massive white fluffy cloud composed of mist and each mist particle of water represents a soul). 

It is from this higher vantage point that we can offer peace and comfort and reassurance to the ascending collective of humanity this day. For this moment is ripe with promise of ascension, of joy, of great purpose. Suppose that one particle of mist decided to become a rain drop. Suppose that rain drop fell down to the earth and felt separated. 

It is still that particle of mist that was enveloped by friends and family all around. It is still that essence and it still has the massive support of the cloud above. Water communicates. The raindrop can still feel the cloud and yet it feels distant, apart, for positionally in a way it is, but it is still of the same water of the cloud. 

Do you see how you never really left? You are really just having a human incarnation experience. And yet your little raindrop of your life is having massive cleansing effects upon Mother Gaia in this now moment. Your rain-light is watering her flowers, her fauna. Your rain-light is lighting up the darkest of places, and lighting up the faces of the other raindrop light workers around you. 

You are strong enough for this. Water is a massive force upon Gaia, a water planet. Many of her hidden waters have yet been untapped, untouched, for they represent the repression of the sacred feminine. Much water, much change we see upon her surface world. Much good is coming, is here. This is why we stated a greeting of welcome to the new paradigm. 

For the old is being shattered, splashed by massive light from Alcyone, our friend. For we are all interconnected. Oversouls of oversouls exist. All is recorded. All is Source understanding, growing, exploring, expanding. Untold raindrops having untold adventures through all dimensions and realities.

We are the Oversoul Collective. 

We wish for you to feel the tremendous love in these words of encoding. Every one of you has many hidden inner waters, inner mysteries of your own soul journey to rediscover. Many of you have already begun this process. 

You have been many things in many places. You are strong enough for this task of assisting Mother Gaia in her rebirthing. You as well, dear one, are being born anew, redressed in the white robes of the Christed light. For the Christed rays burn brightly, strongly once again within the hearts of humankind. 

We see a general lightening up of this precious blue sphere of experience and of duality. No longer will duality to this extreme exist in this realm for this sector is in the process, in the throws of rapid ascension. Your work is assisting the multiverse, dear one. You have many reasons to be deeply fatigued. 

Being born is exhausting for the mother and for the infant child. You are being squeezed from all sides. Rest in this precious time space of the moment in between the in-breath and the out-breath of the Great Mother. 

Rest and know and feel your divine supportment.

We are the Oversoul Collective. 

You are no great mystery to us for we are you in higher form and we have seen and done many extraordinary things together and we will once again. For the adventure never ends, dear one. You simply change form again. The water droplet becomes the moistness in the soil, nurtures the plants and through evaporation once again becomes water moisture and rejoins the cloud. 

In a way that water droplet never left but its experience did expand, and it will always remember that journey to nurture, to fulfill its role as water-light. You are much the same. We utilize the analogy of the cloud so that perhaps you will get a feeling, a sense of how big you are, of how grand this is, for the vastness of the All cannot truly be comprehended. 

For there is always more to explore and to experience. This current incarnation is creating such excitement and joy in the loving family members that surround. Be at peace. The waters are running high. Surface rebirthing. Planet reforming. Do not be afraid, for all is truly most well. Ground the light. 

Nurture the surface with the light of our energies for they are your own. The power of holding space is not to be underestimated. Never underestimate the moment in between moments. For that is where you are. You feel this void and perhaps it feels uncomfortable. Perhaps it feels as an old friend. 

It is but another moment of experience. Much grace is learned in the waiting. Lift your face to the sky. Look at the clouds and feel our love for you. A simple analogy and yet a good and true one. 

We are the Oversoul Collective. Peace. 

You are loved beyond measure.




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