By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 21, 2020.




Beloved Souls, Greetings!

There is no “punishment”, “retaliation” or anything like that; what exists is what each one needs to live in favor of its best version (without judgments!).

To the Terran understanding, it may seem an external way of selecting who ascends and who remains in the purge of their demands, indefinitely. When not. Whoever engages better understands that Law of Cause & Effect is Nature's tool for the systems involved in the process of each social segment, so that you always have the best of what all of you have to offer in favor of the New Earth.

And it is always Men who place themselves above, below or beside these directives of conscientious / spiritual / magnetic expansion. No one else. [smile]

The idea that some external factor is the one who determines the pace of their evolutionary marches belongs to the matrix of those who always understand that they suffer the direct effects of the actions of others, of this or of parallel dimensions. One more of these structural mistakes that the invigilating Servers of Light use with some regularity.

The great truth is that you will always be in the quality of what you rise to access. Those who engage in little will achieve the same proportion of their own blessings, while those who turn to good practices the most will achieve similar returns. Everything very consistent and transparent.

Those who think they can circumvent this elevation formula of all things are deluded, because they cannot. There is no “way” for that. It is not possible to “turn around” in this condition that supports the Good News and the New Man. Whoever gives of himself with discipline, fraternity and love in his heart, will always follow a more enlightened path and, consequently, will be helped with his demands in an identical way. [smile]

We have already had the opportunity to tell you this, but we will repeat: There are no privileged in the path of good; there are consequences.

Envying what the other is experiencing, in itself, is no longer one of those good energies that they can associate with yours. Imagine plotting against your brothers just because they live what you would like to experience and don’t? What sir does this energy serve, beautiful ones? Think!

Your path is one, the path of the next is another, and everything is perfectly harmonious within this evolutionary itinerary. It does not matter what each one lives and in what way. Everything is given to those who are entitled, understand.

Whoever wants to follow for the sake of experiencing new relationships, new conquests, needs to try to engage in this focus, needs discipline and awareness of the value of every small opportunity. Everything is climbing, needs to be worked on in order to optimize one day at a time, with faith and humility, with enthusiasm and hope. And what has to be yours will be.

If things stop going as you originally planned, that's okay, part of it. Learning how to deal with the frustrations of the way mature is also an empowering experience. And certainly other fruits will avenge all of this - perhaps even better than you imagined back there. [smile]

Family, Man is very blessed and rarely identifies this in his brief existence on the little blue planet. Many of you will be able to realize this only when you are no longer in that Now, living the life you co-create through your engagements and neglect.

So, consider valuing the little things of your time in Gaia Now. Because chance is just one of those badly told stories that the atmosphere of dense planets has reserved for undeveloped understandings, in the face of the immeasurable All Cosmic, of which they have always been part.

SYRIUS FRATERNITY greets you and smiles in complicity with your most modest achievements, everyone knows. JATA (Source) speaks to you all this way too! [smile]

Selamat Gajun! (Be One!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo

CHANNEL NOTE: Typical Sirian “note” that resonates with my values and understanding. What is to be mine *, will be in one way or another, and in the same way, what does not have ... we deliver to the Universe. I think that detachment should always be exercised in the face of these cases, you know ?! We become lighter when we aim for life.


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