You are in the midst of crumbling world structures...

by Brenda Hoffman.

Channeled Message.


April 10th, 2019




Dear Ones,

There are undercurrents within your societies different from outward appearances. So it is you become upset when someone does this or that even though their actions – unknown to you – are fulfilling your dreams.

You are in the midst of crumbling world structures as you wait for some knight to make everything right – in your mind. That knight is not going to appear for you are the creator of your life.

The phrase, ‘you are the creator of your life,’ does not mean what you once thought it did. For you believed someone would appear to make your life easier so you would have time and energy to create. In truth, you are the knight in shining armor saving the world.

What gives you joy? That emotion is now the center of your world and of all who wish to move beyond 3D.

You likely believe all will flourish together, despite being informed over and over that you are unique individuals. You are waiting for sameness, even though sameness is filled with the shoulds and have tos you abandoned once you crossed into 5D.

Your new world is about the uniqueness you and all of 5D and beyond are creating. Allowing all to be free in their decisions and actions.

Such might seem frightening now for you cannot yet conceive of individuality despite your disdain for any groups attempting to create a whole while ignoring the uniqueness of its members.

How is it possible for you to be free if you need to follow the guidelines of a specific government or religion? It is time for you to find your joy, your life – and to stop waiting for someone to create your perfect world.

Of course, you respond that some will create a world of racialism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, corruption, or whatever you disagree with.

You are using 3D terms to describe your new world. For you still believe it is possible for you to ignore some pieces important to you, as you have for eons, in order to create a more perfect society. “I can accept that if you give me this,” type system that only returns you to a 3D world.

Bartering your rightness, your knowingness is no longer part of your new creations. Who are you? Not who are you within society, but who are you as a unique individual?

You are so comfortable accepting crumbs of comfort that you cannot even envision a world in which you experience joy – not acceptance – joy.

No one but you can create your new world. What gives you joy, is the only governmental, personal, group, committee rule to which you need adhere.

Such freedom seems unwieldy for you do not trust others to be as accepting and loving as you hope you are. So you wish to cage others within your framework of what is right for you.

Such is not how your new world will evolve. For in the 3D past, societies were created from the top (dictator, king/queen, president, chieftain) down. You are now creating from the bottom up.

A concept so radical you cannot yet conceive such is possible. Does not someone need to tell you how and when to function? Does there not need to be a consensus held by the majority, followed by the minority?

So it is you forgot a concept you learned years ago that the new world will be in harmony as is true for birds who sing different melodies only to create a beautiful sound not possible if all birds chirped the same sound.

Allow yourself to grow in this new concept of a unique world ruled by unique individuals who do not expect anyone to think or act as they do.

This radical concept likely does not seem possible for you now. Not because it is not possible, but because it is such a new concept – just as democracy, socialism, a monotheistic religion, or any governmental form seemed initially. Who and why were kingdoms thought to be the best form of government? So it went one societal structure after another proclaiming itself right for the time. And those structures were right for those times.

This is a new world calling for new dynamics – most important of which is living in joy, not for some but for all. Your joy is not necessarily your best friend’s joy. Even though you accepted that friendship truth without much thought, allowing everyone to be free seems impossible now.

It will not seem so once you truly allow yourself to move in joy. Joy is the structure of your new world. Such does not mean you will live in joy but not your neighbor, as has been true in the past, but that all are living in joy.

You cannot yet sense how such is possible given how divided countries are now politically and ideologically. In the not-to-distant future, countries will accept they have different needs. So instead of large physical areas monitored and controlled by a small group of people, small groups will form communities that feel right for them.

This new format will be initiated by groups who no longer wish to be part of the larger whole. So it will go until humanity follows their inner-voice to find the correct locations and actions for them. And all will start with individuals like you following your joy.

Follow your joy and you will be part of the new world. Try to create a body to govern others and you will feel thwarted at every juncture. So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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