The Source.

Channeled by Galaxygirl.

January 27, 2020.


I am Source. 
I am the all that is and is not. I am. You are extensions of me, Source in form, creators in your own right. Of my own free will I extend the gift of free will to you. You can be creators or destroyers. You can choose the light or choose the lack of light, which is fear. I see and know you all intimately for you are me, you are aspects of me. Your church religions have compartmentalized me, have disregarded ancient texts and knowledge that did not fit into a neat box of tidy understanding. Humans tend to do this. You tend to compartmentalize. 
The universe is far too vast a place for the boxes of compartmentalized ideas to totally work. They are good for simple mathematical rules, but not for trying to understand the secrets of the universe. For the universe is within you. You are the secret. For you are Source in form. You are going to church to try to understand yourself in a way. When you look at the others you are seeing me. You are seeing reflections of my own creativity. 
Gaia is a library of this universe of featured genetic material. Gaia is a beauty in her own right, a highly advanced and evolved spiritual master who is now expanding to even further heights, just as you, friends of me, of the light, of the way, just as you are expanding to further spiritual heights. It is astonishingly delightful to bear witness to this tremendous expansion. There are many aspects of me. 
There are many aspects of you. Life is too glorious, too vast to be explained neatly. Your minds, your understandings are opening up further and further to this. Your societies have programmed you to not think, to limit your thinking by continually distracting you and stressing you. Enough. It is time to sit, to be still, to listen within. To find my voice within. Connect with me.
I am your Source of love, of the Christed light, of the Mother Father God energies that nurture and surround. Allow me to surround you. Allow me to assist further with your ascension. Allow my breath to encode you and to uplift you now so that the coming change will be easy and light for you. The others do not see. You will be my eyes for them. You will be my hands serving them. You will be my ears listening to them, offering soothing words of comfort and love. Breathe me in. Anchor my breath deep within the heart of your planetary mother, Gaia, to soothe and support her as well.
All is life, all is love, all is myself in various forms. Lift is to be enjoyed. You will enjoy your lives once again. Try to find the joy in the moment, the presence of me in those surrounding you. Emanate me, radiate my love and light. Be the Christ embodied with radiant love and beauty as you serve the underserved, as you comfort the comfortless. All is divine timing. All things are working out perfectly. 
The darkness has not understood the light and yet you light-bearers continue to shine the light towards them, a testament to your will and fortitude. The sheer tenacity of this project is staggering. You are becoming diamonds in the process, every one of you. I am reclaiming humanity back to the fold of light. 
I am claiming Gaia as my own precious planet who deserve the best protection that the galactic federation has to offer, which is substantial. You are surrounded by friends of all forms and sizes who are extending their hands and hearts in service to you, Nova Gaians. Be not afraid. Rest in this knowing that you are divinely supported in all things, in all circumstances. 
Claim it. 
I am Source.


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