You are Competent and Free to Create without Restriction or Constriction

Archangel Gabrielle. 

Through Linda Dilon.

April 13th, 2020.


When individuals – and hence communities – are choosing what they are passionate about in terms of pursuing how they contribute, then you have healthy communities… then you have Cities of Light… then you have Global Peace.
This deeply inspiring gem is shared with us by Roxanne from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Gabrielle ~ You Are Competent & Free To Create Without Restriction or Constriction
Roxanne: More and more people are awakening. Are there some core things upon their awakening that they need to know and that I [we] can help teach them?
Archangel Gabrielle: The biggest thing that the humans need to know is that they are competent – that they literally do have the power to create and to bring forth for themselves and for their communities (whether it is a community of two or two million); that they have the ability to bring forth, not through just sitting back and wishful thinking, but through planful approaches; that they have the ability esoterically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to do what they need to do.
Now, the red flag in this… and this is what they need… this is an excellent question, child… is that they need to know – and we are talking directly to your heart – that there are no restrictions; that that sense of limitation is gone.
Now, there are two reasons why this sense of restriction/constriction has been very present in the human collective:
One has been the issue of abuse, control, abuse of power, etc. which restricted and constricted the greater part of the collective’s ability to actually birth, bring forth and create what they wanted. That is going by the wayside.
The other has been self-imposed restriction/constriction in not wanting, not only because they feel limited, but not wanting to do harm – not wanting to stray too far and become abusive or controlling or cruel or hardened.
So what you are doing is reminding people of their competencies and that the restrictions/constrictions are removed, but that the boundaries of a heart-intelligent individual and community are those that are respectful and kind and considerate… all those words that we have used.
And then the next thing… and this is, again, very representative of your experience… is this idea and the practice of freedom, again for much the same reasons. What people think of particularly as personal freedom, let alone collective freedom, has been quite limited – and we do not mean in terms of civil rights, although when you expand it, it becomes that – but it is the freedom to choose what people truly want to pursue, how they really want to live.
Now, you have seen the opening of massive floodgates in terms of these freedoms, but there is still much further to go. For example, you have said, “I would like to do X, but I know I have to pay the bills.”
So what you are participating in and what you are teaching the humans is that, in fact, it is not the either/or; that through their freedoms and the exercise of their freedoms – not in lazy ways, not in ways of non-involvement – they are free to create pathways, whether traditional, standard or alternative; that they are free to create their pathways.
And in that, what they are doing is creating communities, nations, planets which encourage, because when individuals – and hence communities – are choosing what they are passionate about in terms of pursuing how they contribute, then you have healthy communities… then you have Cities of Light… then you have Global Peace.
This is what they need to know; this is what they need to be reminded of, both in a very particular [way]. And you will find, particularly as you work with individuals and very small groups (or individual healings or small healing groups), is that this practice, this introduction of the practice of freedom, of independence, is very often a singular choice-by-choice-by-choice process that you will guide them through.
R: I know not how. I’m teaching self-care to a group of 35 leaders right now, who don’t even know how to put themselves first in terms of taking care of themselves, so I’m struggling to find ways to help them incorporate that into their very busy lives. So I’m really unsure how to do what you just said, which was powerful and beautiful, but I’m not quite sure how to pull that one off, to be honest.
AAG: Because you start with the principles – and you start with the principle that they can intellectually agree with and emotionally desire – and then you translate it quite literally into a practical to-do list.
For example, this group that you work with… highly proficient offerings that they give each and every day… but there is something very ‘inadequate’, let us put it that way, about [being] inauthentic – about the individual who preaches and believes in the efficient running of an organisation, about communities becoming healthy, about caring for families, children, adults, elders, but are not willing to lead by example. No!
Be very clear, this is not about shaming and guilt, for those are the old ways. But it is incongruent if you are not willing to give yourself 15 minutes – start small – 15 minutes a day, or an hour a week, or two hours a week, oh, a day a month. So that is how you start. It is by highlighting and making them realise that they are not practicing what they are preaching.
There are a million excuses and there is only one excuse: “I am not worth it!” So what you are doing, sweet one, is truly bringing them to that core issue – and there’s no way around it.
R: No, there really isn’t.
AAG: So this is the bridge between what you know within your spiritual work and the practicality of a community. It does come back to self-worth. And if you are not worthy of it, then you are not giving your best because it is incongruent.
This issue of congruency, this issue of balance, and this issue of worth are going to be front and centre in your future endeavours, sweet one. And that is why you have walked through this process and you know how hard it is, you know the lump in your throat, you know the terror.
Many of these beings are terrified of giving themselves even 15 minutes because they’re terrified of what they might find. They want to think of themselves as good, worthy people, but underneath is the terror of what they might find.
And the truth of it is: what they will find is the brilliance, the shining light, of who they really are! (1)

So your watchwords in this, dearest heart, are what the Mother has been saying, which is heart speaking and heart listening. And if they are not heart listening and heart speaking to themselves, then they cannot be doing it elsewhere; there is a disconnect.
Channeled by Linda Dillon

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