Without the Truth, there is nothing. 

Ivo of Vega

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted February 5th, 2020 by Staffan.


Are you justifying your deceit?
Without the Truth, there is nothing.
Me: Ivo, I’ve recently put up a form on my website for people to respond if they want to have our channelings distributed to them by email. The intent is that they can post the content on their website or pass it on to other lightworkers.
I have already had a few people who have used that form for purposes other than what is specified. I’ve had one person just send me a pile of questions for Ashtar and expect me to answer them without even asking me if I’d do it. I deleted him from the list and blocked his email address. I won’t deal with liars. Because that’s basically what it is. You’re being deceptive. You reply to the form and then when you get one channeling you email me with a list of questions. Deception is an attempt at taking over control of another person and dominating their free will. I won’t allow it.
I figure it’s 2020 and we’re splitting out into different dimensions now. People are becoming more aware. So many people ask me why they can’t hear their ETs and I can tell you, it’s because of the way you’re behaving. You’re not ready to handle their messages with integrity. Having integrity means you have strong moral character and know right from wrong, but I get people emailing me who are out to manipulate or trick me into doing something for them that I never said I would do. This is a violation of my free will and frankly, I’m fed up. I’ve been on this planet, been lied to and deceived so many times by people who weren’t honest and I believe since lightworkers are the first to wake up, they should also wake up to where their moral character doesn’t fill the bill.
We learn to be manipulative and deceptive in the matrix and this has to be dealt with.
Ivo: It does, my love. Extraterrestrials can sense your intentions. You cannot lie to us. And we will not be deceived. So we will not deal with anyone who is lying to us or who makes a habit of lying to others. Your vibrational frequency is directly related to your integrity – your level of moral character. Lying and being deceitful, misrepresenting your intentions, and other acts of similar deception are not the types of behaviours we will deal with.
Me: There was the one person who paid thousands of dollars to a channeler who embellished the messages of one ET to his twin flame. The twin flame was totally over the moon but it was because they were lied to. I had to go through the messages and ask him to separate the lies from the Truth and of course the twin flame was crushed and very hurt. When I asked him why he channeled through this devious person, he said he had no choice.
Do we want messages from other realms to be coming through people of this low moral character? Do ETs want that? Of course not. Do you think they want their messages distorted by our ego’s? No. So they wait until they find a person of suitable integrity to relay their messages to. Or you are picked before you’re born and worked with throughout your life to be a good vehicle for their messages.
There are enough people already who are channeling dark entities rather than the Light and don’t realize it. The reason they don’t realize it is because they can be lied to. You have to align with the Truth, not with your opinion. Who you think you’re channeling is one thing. Who you are channeling is another. The first thing to do when you make contact is be sure you understand the dark agenda – to divide and conquer, separate, spread lies and chaos. Lisa Renee writes about this in the Ascension Glossary. If I can find the link I’ll add it below.
People who channel who don’t familiarize themselves with the dark agenda are putting everyone at risk of being lied to. It’s the channeler’s responsibility to ensure that no dark agenda messages are contained in their channelings. If they are, then you need to question who you’re speaking to!
The problem with lying right now on this earth is that that’s what our current reality has been built on – the lie of who we aren’t, and it’s the Truth that literally we are building earth’s future on, not on lies. Love is the Truth. Truth is Light. We are lightworkers, not lie-workers. We don’t deceive because when we do that, we are continuing to support the unreality of lies that holds earth in quarantine from the rest of the galaxy.
The truth is important and so is not deceiving other people. Being honest is of the utmost importance right now. It always was but it is especially now.
Ivo: You are correct, my love. Being honest is its own path to the Light. Insisting on honesty from others helps them to realize when they are being dishonest or deceptive. Understand that any dishonesty lowers the vibrational frequency of the person saying it and anyone believing them. That is why politicians lie to you – to keep your vibration down, and most people do not even understand the dynamics of this. What do you do when you catch a politician lying? You call them a dirty liar and you are angry. If they had not lied then how would you have felt? Better of course. Lies lower your frequency. It is important that everyone stop attempting to deceive everyone else. Be honest.
Do not misrepresent yourself and your intentions. You do not understand how this lowers your frequency and this lower frequency will not put you in touch with the Light, only the dark because the dark enjoys lying to you.
Sharon’s frustration with people who misrepresent their intentions, lie to her, and attempt to deceive her, is absolutely valid. As of late she has had neighbours come over for neighbourly visits in the hopes of seducing her. She would not have opened the door to this person had she understood his intentions beforehand.
Me: Something blinded me. I should’ve been suspicious when he came over with a mug of beer. Beer is the elixir of bullshitters.
Ivo: My dear, your frustration comes from living in dishonesty all your life. You understand the importance of honesty and the Truth. You understand that deception is a prison you create for yourselves.
Me: I’m so tired of it being in my face all the time. You can’t get away from it. Everyone’s living a lie.
Ivo: Yes. It will not be much longer for you, my dear. Then you will be released from this. Your work is not done yet.
Me: I know. I can’t stand bullshit and frankly, I won’t put up with it either. Even people who think themselves honest are prone to many types of deception. The most rampant is self deception.
Trust me, you’ll be tested. One time the power was off in Toronto for days. When it finally came back on, it was 9 p.m. and I had a load of laundry that needed to be done. The rule in the building was no laundry after 9 p.m. because I had the apartment next to the laundry room and it bothered me to have people in there at 5 a.m. doing laundry. So the landlady set hours. I had to wait until the next day to do my laundry even though nobody was using the machines, just because I was the one who insisted that nobody do their laundry after specific hours. So I couldn’t very well go ahead and do laundry and expect everyone else adhere to the rules, could I? Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody will catch you. That’s the standard of honesty we need to live by. This world would be so different!
It’s not hard to be honest. It’s probably easier to lie, though, or so we think. Ever been caught in a lie? Not very comfortable, was it? People think being honest is having to tell someone something you’d rather not say about them; it’s not. But being honest is a prerequisite for being assertive, and if you’re still lying to yourself, being assertive is going to be tough for you.
This is the future of earth, folks. Not the pack of lies we’ve been living in.
People want to know what the galactics will be teaching us when they land. This will be part of the curriculum of spiritual school. Adherence to absolute honesty and respect for others’ free will.
My creedo is:”Do no harm. Take no nonsense.”
Ivo: My love. This is a good policy. Dishonesty is about fear. Fear of someone saying no to you. If they say no, then is that so bad? You have been mistaught in your world. You have been taught the ways of your controllers and they are evil. The corruption of a species, of an entire world, is something they will not get away with. They are being taken to task even now for what they have done.
Me: Thank you Ivo.
Ivo: Your world is in a consciousness war and the prize is good moral character for the Avatar on earth. As your character improves and aligns more with the Truth, so will your psychic gifts be presented to you in order for you to learn to consciously use them. For Sharon, this new gift is her portal.
And so, my love, you are most welcome. I long for the day you will be with me again.

Sharon Stewart
On our website there’s a document written by Rick Jewers describing your divine gifts and how to access them. Link will be under the video.

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