With the benefits that the changes will bring you will be more than satisfied

Mike Quinsey's Higher Self.

Channeled by Mike Quinsey.

May 8th, 2020



Do not despair at the seemingly never ending changes that are taking place but they are necessary to move you from the old ways that have now served their purpose. There has to be many changes to the way you are living now, some will be far reaching and seem drastic whilst others may pass without causing more than a little ripple. Whether you like it or not we can assure you that once you see the benefits that the changes will bring, you will be more than satisfied and never wish to go back to the old times. Some changes will of necessity take a long time to complete, but at the stage when your Extra-terrestrial friends can safely introduce themselves they will be allowed to assist you and speed up your activities to completion.
If you can view the effects upon your life as leading to exciting and uplifting times, you will cope a lot better otherwise it could lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment. In fact those of you who can expect to go all the way to Ascension are considered to be privileged as many souls were eager to be part of it but were not selected. It is as you might say “a once in a lifetime” opportunity for the first time to be able to actually experience Ascension in your existing body. It is the time you have been waiting for when your trials and tribulations have come to an end. The changes are inevitable but you shall see that in the long run everything is destined to open up your path to a better life and one that is peaceful and fulfilling.
The Masters who oversee your evolution are pleased that you have passed the marker, and wait with eager expectations and joy that at last you have proved your readiness to ascend. You are a bit like lost sheep who have suddenly found the way home, and are excited that what you have been striving for eons of time has at last arrived. It is your golden opportunity to move further into the light and leave behind the lower vibrations that have well served their purpose. It is difficult for us to placate those souls who have not reached the required level to ascend, but there would be no purpose or value in them doing so until they were ready. Your immediate problem is that whilst on Earth you do not have a full memory of your previous lives, and have no way of judging how much spiritual progress you have made.
We understand your concern regarding attachments made during your times on Earth. You wish to feel that somehow you can renew them but we cannot give you that assurance. However, where relationships have been formed out of love for each other, a bond is formed that ensures you will meet again. Bear in mind that on the “other side” time as you understand it is not the same and passes much quicker, and you can go backwards and forwards according to your needs and find that little or no time seems to have elapsed. You can in fact relive events in your earlier lives that have caused you concern.
Life in the higher vibrations is so much more rewarding and exciting and free from the type of worries you experience on Earth. In general terms there is a greater harmony and freedom to travel where you desire, and by thinking of someone providing they are free to answer, you will have made contact. The power of thought is the key to most things when you are at a level of vibration so high, and it means that unlike living upon Earth you can create virtually anything you want. Realise how much more freedom you will have in a life totally unlike the one you will have left. Assuredly you will never want to return to the old life style which although beautiful at times, could also be a very painful experience. Yet it serves its purpose by helping you evolve.
Experience in any form is essential to spiritual growth and it is why you agreed to take physical incarnations. It is recognised as the fastest way to evolve and prove your ability to be able to successfully live through physical lives. Naturally as you progress the challenges become harder but when you overcome them it is a great feeling of satisfaction. With help you will eventually succeed as between each Age you carry forward what you have already learnt. The system has been in existence for eons of time so you may rest assured it is perfect for the experiences needed to evolve.
Karma is one of the means by which you evolve as it is necessary to highlight where you are going adrift, so that your evolution can proceed unhindered. Life is not a series of accidental events but a series of carefully arranged experiences to ensure you make progress. You are not however left on your own to cope with them and your Guides are always on hand to guide you if only you will take notice. If you do not the problem still remains with you and acts as block to your progress, so please take notice of the challenges that come up in your life as they are so important.
The testing times you are going through are going to show whether you can go with the flow, and not allow events to upset you but accept that nothing happens without good reason. Whatever comes up on your path is vitally necessary so after the experience carefully consider what lesson can be learnt from it. If you fail you must know by now that the challenge will come around again. It is obviously in your interests to successfully clear your karma so that you can make good progress, knowing that there is no reason why it should come around again. Learn your lessons well and be sure that you are continuing to evolve.
The golden chance is inviting you to ascend so that you will have no necessity to walk the same path again. You would carry the experiences with you, and they will serve you well where any future challenges are concerned.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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