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daily inspiration 14 june 2019.

This week has had an usual intensity to it. Cosmic storms have been shredding the veils of illusion and attachment electrifying our lives. We are well and truly breaking with the past and moving towards experiences that better support, nurture and cherish us. It is essential that we maintain a state of balance and connection as we continue to flow with these wild and rocky energetic currents.

You may have felt rather unstable and unsteady this week as the incoming energies triggered new awakenings and realisations shifting your perspective once again. New concepts and ideas are formulating within you. Open yourself to the many opportunities that surround you each day. Branch out from your day to day schedule, slow down and breathe in the beauty of this life. Become aware of the new potential emerging in your life. Surrender to your destiny and you will experience peace and tranquility.
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