Why Does It Take You so Long? 

Trinity Teacher Uteah.

Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, December 20, 2018.

Posted 2019/02/12


“The progressive comprehension of reality is the equivalent of approaching God.” [UB 2094:02]

Teacher Uteah: “You worry that you may put words in my mouth. Let go of such concerns. Anyone of us could transmit the words of truth that you receive through your mental process. Indeed, all beings of light are ‘truthful’ and would approve of the gist of the loving guidance provided to the children of time and space. 

“Indeed, teamwork has been conceived as the modus operandi of the spiritual realms — yours included. What do I mean by that? Human beings also live on a spiritual plane, even though it is unbeknownst or neglected by many. During your human infancy, much focus is placed on your physical reality, as you need to ‘activate’ your carnal vehicle to find your bearings in this material reality. Even your Master Jesus had to undergo such a formation stage. 

“Your body is meant to be the instrument fostering the development of your soul. Jesus quickly came to this understanding, and this was the access door to His amazing spiritual evolution — blending His humanity with His divinity, thus setting the tone for each one of you. 

“What are you waiting for to follow His lead? Stop procrastinating and coming up with weak excuses for delaying your spiritual activation. By doing so, you are working against yourself. As well, rather than entertaining doubts as to your spiritual nature, why don’t you investigate it? Do you think that Jesus misled you? Then, why not stand 100% behind His words and live according to them? Why refuse yourself the joy of yielding the rewarding fruits of the Spirit during your human incarnation? 

“By turning over the many stones paving your material reality, you will come to discover the spiritual treasures buried under them. Your spiritual antennas will get deployed and start picking up on the other dimensions of your existence, bringing you ever closer to God. Soon, this at first intangible and mysterious Being will start revealing Himself in a very personal and intimate way. You will then get ‘hooked’ to your spiritual nature and never again shall you rudely turn your back to your Inner Beloved.”


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