When there is celebration conflict is impossible!

By Saul (Paul).

Therough John Smallman.

June 5th, 2019

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Changes of enormous significance are occurring worldwide as humanity moves increasingly positively toward awakening.  Some, political or geophysical, are being reported in the mainstream media, while others, of a far more positive nature, are being reported in less public spaces, and then shared person to person through the vast network of social media channels.  People worldwide are choosing to communicate person to person on spiritual matters arising for them personally, matters that they have found their faith-based or religious organizations do not or cannot address.
Humanity is evolving spiritually very rapidly indeed, and many of the old religious organizations are either unwilling or unable to assist their members in this amazing awakening process.  All the old systems – social, political, business, educational, and religious – will either evolve spiritually or become totally obsolete.
The new age, which has been arising over the last five or six decades, is the age of LOVE.  Love is the natural state of sentient life forms, but for eons this was forgotten.  Now awareness is growing rapidly that Love is All.  Anything not in alignment with Love is unreal, illusory, and as the shadows or veils that were hiding or disguising Love dissolve and disintegrate, the awareness of the Reality of Love as the life force, the field of consciousness in which all that has been created has its eternal and never ending existence, is increasingly being recognized and honored.  The dream or, for far too many, the nightmare that life in form has become is to change beyond all recognition, as increasing numbers of people engage fully with their natural state – LOVE – by living it and demonstrating it constantly.
The chaos and confusion that is mightily apparent in politics, business, religion, and most horrendously in military conflicts all across the world that are causing mass migration, are now realized to be insane and, most fortunately, unsustainable.  New groups are forming, as those who now recognize that Love is the answer, the onlyanswer to all the issues and problems facing humanity and the planet, and these new groups are most positively setting the immutable intent to engage only with Love as they take part in discussions that are having a major effect in all areas of human life and activity.
This is an exciting and inspiring time to be incarnate as a human on Planet Earth because, as the collective awakening process gathers momentum, more and more people are becoming aware that there is far more meaning to life as a human than is found in the basic struggle for survival in which so many are engaged full time.  As Love flows into and fills myriad hearts across the world, the values that people honor and respect are becoming increasingly spiritually oriented, leading to an intense desire to to alleviate and then totally eradicate poverty worldwide, and by doing so all the suffering to which it leads.
Suffering basically arises from a person’s sense that they are unimportant, of very little value, unheard and unseen, which everyone who incarnates as a human experiences to a lesser or greater extent during their growth from physical infancy to physical adulthood.  This sense of lacking value is devastating!  As divine beings, beloved children of God, all were created in a state of perfect loving acceptance, knowing that they were each an inseparable and essential aspect of God, permanently at one with Him.  In that state there is only joy.
To then incarnate into human form and be seemingly separated from that divine form is absolutely terrifying.  Initially, developing within the mother’s womb, assuming the mother is happy to be with child, all physical needs are provided instantly, and the environment in which this growth occurs is warm, welcoming, and safe.  However, because of the intimacy and immediacy of the connection between mother and infant, all the chemicals – food, drink, medications, etc. – and the emotions that the mother ingests and experiences are almost immediately shared with the infant.  Therefore the womb can be experienced as a very as warm, comforting, and safe, or as a dangerously toxic environment physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  For most it is somewhere between those extremes, never perfect, and never totally unsafe.
Consequently, as children grow and develop, they learn to adapt automatically to the environments in which they find themselves in order to survive.  Everyone who chooses to incarnate as a human in form knows that they will undergo difficulties, but, because of the intense and brilliant planning that precedes incarnation, they know that they can deal most successfully with whatever arises during their human lives.  Nevertheless, because of the amnesia that is an unavoidable aspect of incarnation, they very quickly forget that they are divine beings, and get almost totally brain-washed by the culture into which they incarnate.  They then rebel against the pain and suffering that arises, to a greater or lesser extent, and then either bury or deny the suffering that they experienced in their early years, because the pain is far too intense to live with.  This leads to intense anger and projection, and their intense sense of unhappiness is blamed on others, the world, or God.
Spiritual evolution, which is a major aspect of the developing human, should occur gradually, as the infant’s intelligence develops, allowing and encouraging curiosity and investigation of the meaning of life, and of the environment in which it finds itself.  Frequently this is prevented as the child is either gently introduced to the cultural norms of the society in which it is growing up, or is force-fed the beliefs that the culture espouses.  This misalignment between the culture and the child’s curiosity and desire to learn can be devastating, and for the sake of peace, or even just in order to survive, the child buys into the cultural beliefs, and its spiritual evolution basically comes to a halt.
This has been the experience of the vast majority of humans for eons.  Now this is changing rapidly and dramatically, and the worldwide-web has been a great benefit in encouraging and stimulating the sharing of new ideas that enormously widen the points of view available for discussion and further development.  Restricted, narrow, and limiting belief systems are no longer accepted unquestioningly.  This opening up to new ideas really started to gain momentum after World War II, and then as further wars arose in a society that had fought two horrific wars to bring an end to war, the insanity of the attitudes that inevitably led to wars began to be seriously questioned and rejected.
That questioning and rejecting continues today, because although for many it is very plain that the old methods do not and cannot work, cannot bring world peace, their remains in place an old authoritarian system in which teams, tribes, or people with differing views still refuse to acknowledge that their attitudes are a major part of this ongoing problem.
This is now changing very rapidly as young people, who have had previous lives of intense suffering in war zones, now move forward into positions of influence where the wisdom they have accumulated over many life times can be shared and then built upon to bring about the essential changes in attitudes and behaviors that will enable the collective awakening of humanity to blossom.  The divine intent is for life to be joy-filled, and every being that God has created knows that deep within themselves.  Now, finally, that knowing is arising into the conscious awareness of ever increasing numbers of humans, regardless of their ethnicity, race, culture, or political or religious persuasion.
The tipping point is past!  Humanity is moving rapidly, and just in time, toward the essential awakening that will lead to acceptance that all are divine beings, created in Love, and that therefore all are seeking a return to Love.  Love is the energy field, the field in which consciousness arises, It is the life force that flows within every sentient being, and as awareness and acceptance of that divine and unalterable Truth continues to fill the hearts of increasing numbers of the human family, awakening will be seen to be happening on a vast and global scale.  Truly, celebration is the most appropriate way to honor the inevitability of your awakening each and every day.  When there is celebration conflict is impossible!  And when there is celebration Love shines forth.
With so very much love,  Saul.

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