By Valerie Soleil.

Posted November 28th, 2019. 


What wouldn’t you give to travel without limits on any plane of existence? To feel your Soul become one with the universe? To be a shining beacon of Light? Soul travel requires only focus, high vibration frequencies and intentionality. With the right tools and techniques, you can live in a world with no borders and no limits.
What Is Soul Travel?
Let’s start with what it’s not. Soul Travel is often confused with Astral Projection, but the two are in fact very different. Astral Projection revolves around our Subtle Body, also called Astral Body or Energy Body. This is the vibrational refined refraction of our physical body, which connects the mind and the spirit.
In Astral Projection, the Subtle Body leaves the physical body and travels through the Astral Plane. However, you remain consciously and detachedly aware of your physical body. This can be achieved through lucid dreaming, mediation or even accidentally.
In Soul Travel, you travel with your Light Body. This body is more extensive than the Astral Body. It shines through it to encompass the Astral Body. As such, it is reached by attaining and maintaining a state of complete, unconditional Love.
By raising our vibrations through this state of Love, the Light Body reaches its highest refraction, the Rainbow Body. Now we find ourselves on the same frequency as the Source, the Universe, the Cosmos, the Creation. When we are open to Love, we can be anything and go anywhere.
In Soul Travel, we are not aware of our physical bodies, having reached the highest vibrations of ourselves. Being on the same frequency as the Source connects us with everything in the Universe, beyond time and place.
On this frequency, we are in all worlds and dimensions at once, so we don’t actually travel anywhere. We are already there and everywhere. As such, there is no need to be afraid of getting lost as we do not physically leave our bodies.
Some people do report a whooshing sound or a feeling of high speed when they Soul Travel. This is most likely the sensation resulting from two things:
  • Our Soul negotiating fixed states and conditions
  • Time and space adjusting to the Soul’s state of consciousness
  • Why It Is Important
The vital element of Soul Travel is understanding that, on this level, we work to uplift humanity. By fusing with the Source, we are empowered to take more responsibility for ourselves at all levels. Likewise, to use our natural gifts and abilities to raise the Earth’s vibration. We will often be guided via suggestion or intuition to where we need to be.
When Soul Travelling consciously or through meditation, we know we are where we need to be. In light of this, ask yourself and the Universe the following question when you arrive: Is there anything I need to heal, complete, receive or resolve here? Lean into Love, and you’ll know the answers.
How Can I Soul Travel?
The crucial element of Soul Travel is to know where you want to go. As you merge with the Source’s vibration frequency, focus on your destination to manifest it around you.
But how do you merge with the Source’s vibration frequency? As previously discussed, this is a path of Love. Only by embodying complete, unconditional Love on all levels can we raise our vibrations enough to become One.
There are a variety of techniques to achieve Soul Travel, each suited to different individuals and different personalities. Play around and experiment with them. Get creative with how you apply them to yourself. Most importantly, remain comfortable and avoid tension and struggle in your journey to Soul Travel.
Most techniques are based on visualisations and meditations. This is because intentionality and purpose are vital to Soul Travel. The aim is to fill yourself with such Love that it cannot be contained in your physical body.
4 Safe Methods and Techniques to Induce Soul Travel
Guiding Light
The Guiding Light is one such visualisation. Imagine yourself vibrating with so much Love, at such a high frequency, that you generate a warm, golden light, emanating from your Crown Chakra.
Visualise it passing down through your Chakras to your Root Chakra, activating and lighting them each in turn. Bring it back up through your Chakras. This time sparking such Love that they each start vibrating, then spinning.
As they continue spinning, the Love grows, and their Light shines further and further out until they become one Chakra of Light. Unconditional love continues to fuel this Light Chakra. As a result, it grows outwards, through all your bodies, towards the Source, which is everywhere. The culmination of its journey is your ecstasy.
Two Pyramids
Another visualisation method is the Two Pyramids. See yourself sitting inside a glowing, white pyramid. The base is resting on your hips and the tip projecting upwards. Add another pyramid, with the base at your heart and the tip pointing down into the Earth. Maintain this visualisation for a few normal breaths. When the sensation is stable and tangible, exhale powerfully from your stomach.
Then visualise a golden orb growing to encircle both pyramids. Exhale into this field around you, and maintain it steadily with all your senses. When you can sense all three elements without strain, set them spinning clockwise, first the pyramids, then the orb. Breathe with the physical sensations and the increasing frequency. Guide this Love to all the internal spaces that need healing and affirmation, and to others in your life.
Spiritual Eye
A more focused visualisation involves the Spiritual Eye. Close your eyes and focus your intention on your Third Eye, between your eyebrows. Whether through vocalisation, breathwork or meditation, let Love fill your mind, body and heart.
Now visualise your spiritual Guide in your Third Eye. Vocalise the following intention: I give you permission to take me to the best place for my spiritual good.
Use the same technique as you used to channel Love to visualise yourself somewhere familiar. Practice regularly and frequently. Consequently, you’ll find yourself in your mental picture, or somewhere else entirely!
Daily Practice
It’s a good idea to practice specific mental exercises throughout the day. As a result, you’ll build up an awareness of the different planes and of your movement through them.
One good practice is to regularly ask yourself if you are dreaming and check for indications of reality. Eventually, you’ll ask yourself this question in dreams as well. In fact, the minute you become aware that you are dreaming you enter a lucid dream state. This is a feature of the Astral Body and a stepping stone to the Light Body.
Another way to practice moving through planes is to regularly visualise a scene from your past. However, change some detail of the movement. If the wind was blowing, make the weather still. If people were sitting, make them run.
Final Thoughts
Keep practising, in tandem with meditations, visualisations and remembering to keep your vibrations high. With any luck, you’ll eventually find yourself somewhere else!

Valerie Soleil


About the Author: Valerie Soleil

Valerie Soleil is a writer with over 5 years of experience and holds a bachelor degree in law and a B.A. in Psychology. She is a physical & mental health enthusiast who constantly expands her knowledge about the mysteries of the human body and mind. Some of the activities Valerie is particularly passionate about are traveling and reading because they help her broaden her horizons.
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