What is a Warrior?

Archangel Michael

Via Sharon Stewart

April 11th, 2020


I am Archangel Michael, highest of the holy legion of angels serving your planet now.

There is concern on earth now for your future. There are several parties vying now for dominance and the chance to finish their agenda or to change the world to another agenda that aligns with the Light and God’s will for you. You are those who I speak to of this latter group. You are the legions of divine ones who came to earth to help change the fortunes of those living here who were stuck, calling us for help.

You have come to be there for them, to hold Light for them, and to spread the word of the Light among you. You have come to teach those ignorant ones who do not realize and are confused. That is a warrior. You have your jobs to do, and you do them well. You spread the word, you clarify problems, you listen to your leaders, you hold the Light, you gather into groups and work among yourselves to create change and forward progress for your world.

You are the warriors. In what you term modern day style, you use all at your disposal to calm, soothe, inform, prove, and to bring on board those who do not realize, the ignorant ones.

Take each day as it comes. Take each sunrise with new vigor. You are the warrior who is called upon now to revitalize your planet. You are the ones who have lain dormant for so long and who now spring into action.

Hold your swords high. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so use your pen. Write your words that cancel out the evil. Write a better script for humanity.

We stand with you. We whisper words of help to you. We aid you in your daily battles to fight to focus the Light on the darkness that has prevailed.

You are the warriors. You are the strong ones. You are to be commended for your devotion, your loyalty and your service.

Your world will see a new dawn. And so it is.

I remain,

Archangel Michael

Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.


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