What Are You Waiting For?

Teacher: The Beloved One.

Message received by Lytske

Urantia, March 24, 2019

Posted April 15, 2019


The Beloved One: “My dearest wish is for you to open up more to My leadings, for you to become more conscious of what it is that I desire for you. 

“Your greatest work is the cultivation of the inner self, to weed out all negative thoughts toward self and others. You really do not need to have the physical temple of your budding spirit turn against itself through auto-intoxication, whereby it becomes prone to aches and pains, and premature aging. 

“The quality of life in the physical is essential, and its importance by far outweighs the duration of life. So often on this planet life is prolonged without there being any real experiential value for the aged, whilst the body-mind is in a vegetative state. 

“Spirit functions best in a body of clean habits of thought, food and environment. The inner life always reflects the outer, and the outer life reflects the inner. 

“Spend more time with Me to become balanced in serenity, especially when something or someone ruffles your feathers. To maintain an inner calm, also means fewer disturbances in the outer self. You may be sure that this creates a beneficial effect on the outer environment. 

“Think of it this way; the more often you come to Me, the more often I can express Myself through you. Even though this may not be apparent to you, a marvelous healing calm shall pervade your surroundings, and all who enter into your energetic space will feel calm and refreshed.” 

“There are many more reasons why it is good for you to come to me in the Stillness. These results will you discover in due course. So come. What are you waiting for?”
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