We unicorns are ready to welcome those of the pure Christed light.

Message from Starlight and Rosey.

Channeled by Galaxy.

May 25th, 2019.



Greetings human, I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We are nestled deep within Gaia where green rolling hills, crystal clear waters and snow peaked mountains all invite one in deeper, deeper into the mystical lands where all that is possible is. I, Starlight, have seen the sufferings of the surface world and so to protect ourselves we went deep within, as the Lumerians who survived the flood, as have many of your “extinct” creatures. Life is not lost, but locations may have shifted.
We unicorns are ready to welcome those of the pure Christed light to cross over into the the realm of Nova Gaia, where all good things are possible, purified, alive, blessed. I, Starlight, have brought my clan, my tribe with me for this meeting, this interchange with the humans who are seeking expansion of consciousness, of awareness. For one must be aware of oneself, to open up deeper into the hidden truths, to keep exploring, deep diving, healing past woundings. And you humans reading these words have been doing this for a long while. And it has paid off, for you are not who you once were. You have grown, matured, into these higher energies with the grace, strength of purpose and self-reliance of the inner power within. There are many here within the hidden realm, the hidden world who wish to speak, who are eager to rejoin the surface realm, it is true. Humanity has not been alone. Many, many others from many other realms, times, spaces, are here observing, assisting, watching, listening to see how they may best assist you.
I, Starlight, touch my horn to your third eye. Feel the purity of my light race through your body making it tingle and zing with pleasure, renewal. Ride on my back as we gallop fast and free over the rolling green hills of the new, of your new way, your new path that you are forging moment by moment in your vibratory choices. There is none to fear here. Let us rest a while by the clear brook who gurgles and sings. Lay against my mane and see the tendrils of light within it. The foals dance and frolic, the nymphs sing – it is a lovey place to rest, to be alive. Fully integrate these higher dimensional experiences, feelings, places into your aura that you might bring such energies to where you are now, on the almost-ascended plane. Although we see the humans ascending or descending a bit by bit every day, there is yet much hope, much joy, much to look forward to for those who are forging on the upward spiral of ascension.
I, Starlight bless you with my light, with my warm breath. Welcome home. I am here should you call upon me. I am here waiting for the Christed ones who are forging a new pathway to Nova Gaia. Here we meet, soon it will be in person. I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I assure you I am very much alive, real, just as you, just as these expansions of time-space and reality shifting are real, alive, true. Take these inter-dimensional experiences deep within your heart space, treasure them. They are assisting the collective, seeding consciousness with more higher dimensional light and contact. That is all for now. Be blessed.
I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. Be christed. I am here with my new little foal Rosey today, who embodies the qualities of the divine feminine. She is growing fast and free, an apt analogy for your surface experience. Her light cannot be stopped. Her light is like a sparkler that lights up the night in celebration, such love contained within this one. Pink surrounds her. We all have our colors, our auras, our qualities. Feel the white silver light of my horn and the pink glow of little Rosey’s horn touch your third eye. Together we ignite the divine feminine, the divine masculine, the divine Christed light. All three light rays together spin around you in glorious light circles, vortexes of spinning light. There. Be balanced. Be christed. I am Starlight….
And I am Rosey of the divine feminine path! Follow me towards the light for much joy awaits you here in this space! Many, many want to play, to see what a human is. For we have only heard, we have not seen, those of us who are freshly from the Mother of All Things. We guard Gaia’s light, we guard her with our love-light, with our power of our love and intention. I am very proud of my father, Starlight. He is a mighty leader. Some day too I will lead. You humans are leaders where you are. You might just not know it. That doesn’t mean that you are not doing great good. I see great good on your faces. You are warriors in your own way. You are weary I see. Rest awhile. Romp and play with me, Rosey! I have never had a human friend before! Such fun! Shall we play?
(Starlight is laughing). Human friends, it is a good sign that the foals wish to play with you. You are rising up. I am Starlight. Be at peace. Now come along Rosey dear, the meeting is over. 



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