We see you now powerfully working with Light and energy in your sleep state.

A Message to Lightworkers.

The Collective of Guides,

via Caroline Oceana Ryan.

May 24h, 2019. 




This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective [originally channeled live for the May 14, 2019 Ashtar Legacy Call]:
Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.
And so, as you hear this beautiful piece of music [that had just been played on the call], just a bit of this piece titled “Trillium,” by the wonderful Tom Kenyon, who is a sound healer, there are aspects of your vibration which are coming forward, asking first to be acknowledged by you, asking to be fully integrated into your everyday thought and feeling and realization—into the body, into every cell.
And asking to reach higher into the Light. This is what you yourselves have been doing.
Now, we would like you to begin to look at your lives a little bit differently.
Because what we tend to see in most of the Light Bringers we work with and speak with, is this feeling that things haven’t changed very much.
That you are still existing day to day in a system that is a bit of a trap. That you don’t have much freedom of movement or much choice—you have to stick with the job you don’t like.
You have to stick with the partner you’re not very sure about, or can’t really stand anymore, because you’re raising children together or you have no other income, or you’re ill, etc.
And we see you, in many ways, now powerfully working with Light and energy in your sleep state, as well as sort of unconsciously during the day. And we see you becoming these very conscious, very powerful Light Beings who happen to be in the human body for a while.
Photo by Renee Turcotte
Meanwhile, your conscious mind is saying, “I still feel a bit weak and disempowered. I still feel unsure of myself . . . I still feel really fed up about this situation and that, too many bills to pay.”
Or “I don’t know what to make of this health situation.” Or, “I can’t believe I’m alone at my age,” or “I’m stuck with somebody I don’t really care for anymore.” Or “I can’t stand my co-workers!” Or “They’re OK, but the job is meaningless!”
And it goes on and on. And then it spreads further, to your view of the world.
We would suggest and request—can you just take a moment? Sit quietly in your body.
Ask your higher self, “What has changed lately, that I’m coming more and more into my power? What has shifted?
“What new level of Light, what higher vibration has integrated into my mind-body-spirit lately, that I’ve been so busy trying to just deal with this Earth life that I haven’t really noticed or given myself credit for that amazing integration?
“What’s new with me, in other words?” 
Just go ahead and ask that for a moment. [PAUSE]
So we’re picking up on a few things. An increased empowerment, is one term. We’re listening to different peoples’ higher selves.
Increased knowledge of the tools and processes to use, to create a higher vibrational life experience.
Wonderful! Increased awarenessthat you have choices. That you’re neverstuck, that only your imagination is the limit.
Perhaps the forms might be a bit different than you are expecting, but the Joy—there’s no end to it, the joy that awaits you!
The realization that you can work with life and energy consciously during the day as you do at night in your sleep state, when you are in your true form, traveling etherically, completing bits of your Earth mission that you really can’t do during the day.
All of this is crucial, all of it is important!
There’s not a person within the sound of our voice and beyond, who doesn’t have an Earth mission that’s invaluable and crucial.
Now, some are choosing to leave the planet. You might think, “Oh no, they didn’t get a chance to fulfill their Earth mission!”
We assure you, they’ll carry on with it from where they are, as dear Susan Leland is doing, and so many others.
There’s this wonderful fellow who used to be on The Carol Burnett Show, called Tim Conway.
That was his Earth name [in this latest incarnation]. And he specialized in making people laugh at the ridiculous.
And in that moment, as they were giggling and laughing joyfully, they forgot the heaviness in their life.
What a beautiful gift!  What an absolutely beautiful gift!
There are a lot of wonderful performers who have left recently. Some were in their 90s and older.
And the gifts they imparted, they’re still going to be sharing, just in a slightly more elevated way, in a slightly different way.
It won’t be lost; it can’t be lost! There’s nothing you’re transmitting that isn’t felt all the way around the world.
But let’s go back to your individual life for a moment. We’re going to ask the higher selves this time to impart—if you don’t hear words, that’s all right—[we’re asking them to] impart the energies of the realization of how far you’ve come, and Who you really are.
[To everyone’s higher self] Can you give each dear one listening, live or recorded, an image, a word, a feeling of who they really are?
[To listeners] Now, stay open! Stay very open. If you’re pulling back because you’re thinking. “I don’t want to end up being a green alien,” that’s all right! Let’s not trouble ourselves about that right now.
If you’re an Earth Angel, you should know it! If you’re an elven lord or a faery queen, you should know!
If you’re actually an Earth elemental who stepped into human form for a while to help purify the earth, wonderful! You should know that! Almost endless choices.
Photo by Lynne Newman
So some of you are being told your purpose or your role, such as “you’re a healer.”
And that’s an interesting term, because it doesn’t necessarily mean you put a hand on someone and their ulcer is healed, or their cancer is gone in an instant.
It can mean you’re assisting them in releasing whatever is holding them back. 
It can mean you’re assisting them in viewing themselves as incredibly empowered and blessed, and [that they are] here to let other people know that they are likewise incredibly empowered and blessed.
They just haven’t claimed it yet.
Too many of you, the vast majority we would say, have incredible riches, incredible blessings, incredible abilities you just haven’t claimed yet. 
Could you please do us a huge favor, and your higher selves a huge favor, and say right now—say it aloud if you can—if not, that’s OK—maybe write it down at some point:
“I hereby claim every gift, every blessing, every bit of empowerment I was sent to the Earth to enjoy—all of it! I claim all the beauty! I claim all the Joy! 
“I claim all the Love, including self-Love!”  
Just say something to that effect right now:
“All of the blessings, all of the beauty, all of the gifts, abilities, treasures and Abundance. I claim it all now! I accept it all now! I am receiving it all now, in perfect ways.”
Wonderful!  Now we would like you to claim your Divinity.
“I AM the Divine itself in human form. I claim and accept this joyfully now! I bless every gift. I bless every challenge. They birth within me a new strength, a new level of empowerment. I give thanks! So mote it be.”
So the energies we’re flowing to you, dear ones, really have to do with this claiming we’re talking about. This accepting, this receiving and allowing which we’ve been talking about on the Abundance Group calls as well.
Because too often, what a Light Bearer does, once in human form, is only believe what they see around them.
Because you’ve been carefully trained as human beings for many, many centuries—millennia—to only see what’s going on around you physically and feel that that’s the end, that’s the final word, that’s the (quote-unquote) “reality.”
So if you don’t claim these incredible gifts of empowerment, the sight that shows you the endless potential that they call the quantum field—the endless sea of energy waiting to be molded by you with your joy and your thoughts, your beliefs, your expectations—if you don’t see all that and claim it, move into it, and give thanks for it, and say, “Wow, I can’t wait! All this beautiful stuff is manifesting for me!”thenit tends not to come forward, because you haven’t called on it yet.
That’s how powerful you are!
You are the one to say when and where, sometimes even how.
And so you accidentally manifest by default, through that shortened sight and that expectation of “things can’t get much better.”
That goes on and on. And it puts you in a position to feel that “this is how it is, and this is how it’s always going to be.”
As we were saying to a dear one today in a channeling session, people think when they comment on the situation around them, that they’re just commenting on What Is, at that moment.
They don’t mean to exclude the possibility of things changing! And yet, bizarrely, they’ve accidently done just that.
There’s no such thing as past/present/future. There’s only NOW. RIGHT NOW!
So when you say, “I don’t have enough of this,” or “I haven’t got enough of that,” you’re laying a path for the days ahead of you, unless you shift that view and start proclaiming something else.
All the Universe is ever going to do is say Yes to what you say reality is.
It doesn’t know how to do any different. And all that each of us, and every higher being, is ever going to do, is allow you that freedom.

Because you were born on a free will planet.
Now, you can say, “Well, that free will has been usurped!” And we would say, “We understand. But you live in Transformative times. If there was ever a time to claim your power and your freedom, friends, it’s now. It’s right now!
So will you promise us that you will at least give it a try?
To wake up tomorrow morning and say, “I can’t wait to see all the phenomenal, beautiful things that are going to manifest for me today! They’re already coming into form—I can feel it!”
Can you promise us you’ll give it a try?
Say it right now, in fact, just to practice: “I can’t wait to see all the amazingly beautiful things that are manifesting for me right now! They’re already taking form—I can feel it! I’m fullof thanks and appreciation!”
Put your hand on your heart, and if you’ve had even one meal today, give thanks.
If you have more than three changes of clothing, give thanks.
If you have a roof over your head, if you have any form of income whatsoever, even if it’s just someone else’s kindness for the moment, give thanks.
All of these things are in scarce quantity in certain places in the world. So to someone else, you’re as rich as a king or a queen!
And that includes the self-esteem that helps you get up in the morning and get showered and dressed, and get on with your day, even if you’re not too sure how it’s going to turn out.
You have the inner strength to give it a try and, for that, we applaud you!
Because in this powerful life, this astounding Earth life, you’re cleansing, as we say often, not only the trauma and the shock and the grief you’ve experienced in this life, but in hundreds and hundreds of lives.

And you’re releasing every presence, every interference, every device or implant, every influence that isn’t you, and shouldn’t be there.
Say right now, “If you’re not for my higher good, leave now! Only that which belongs to Divine Love and Divine Light is welcome in my life and energies!”
Wonderful! So we’re going to just flow energies right now, dear ones, to assist each of you in your individual challenges.
And we would like you to turn to your biggest challenge right now, and say to it, “Thank you for the hidden gifts you are giving me now.”
Wonderful! Just open your heart to receive.
We’re opening the heart chakra, the third chakra, crown chakra—balancing, lifting, activating all the chakras, aligning them.
Wonderful! We’re going to continue flowing those energies, dear ones. Even just thinking of them will reactivate them powerfully. 
Beautiful. And so we send, as always, much Love and many blessings, dear ones. We are with you at all times.
You are never alone—your higher self, your guides, your Angels are with you at every moment.
And as always, we are honored to assist you on your path.

Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan on the
Ashtar Legacy Family Call – May 14, 2019
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2019
All Rights Reserved.


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