Ant Civilization.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

February 12, 2020.





We are Ant Civilization, we come in peace. We would like to introduce ourselves to humanity. We live in a far away galaxy, in a constellation of the star, on 9 planets. The nine planets are occupied by us, our homes are on the inside of the planet, not on the surface like here on Earth. We are a peaceful nation. We stay away from civilizations who like wars.

We are happy to be here and we would like to tell about ourselves. We look a little bit like your ants, but we are much taller. We are 15 feet tall and we walk on two feet like humans. Our head reminds a little bit of ant, not 100 percent of ant, but it has features of ant. We communicate with each other telepathically. We can also use our language when it’s needed, but most of the time we use telepathy. We understand that humanity started to learn on how to communicate telepathically, it will take them a while, but they eventually will able to communicate with every civilization telepathically. Most of the civilizations are peaceful like us, we don’t like noise. We concentrate on our work, creating new technology, living in peace and not interacting with civilizations who like wars. In our past we experienced some wars with other nations, this is why we stay away and not disclose our location. We don’t want to experience what we experienced many years ago.

We are a hard working civilization, very advanced one with a lot of advancement in technology. We are from 8th dimension and higher. We are very science oriented, we like to create. We are very happy to help humanity in the future. When humanity will be ready to interact with us and other civilizations, we will able to help them a lot in learning and doing new things, technologically in aircraft and in other advancement.

Right now, we are very pleased to be able to be channeled by this channel. We just like to say we are plant based, we eat plants. We don’t harm or kill other beings for food. We are a nation that likes to be peaceful. For now, we observe and watch Earth. We are waiting for the Golden Age of Gaia. We are just trying to observe and not to interact or do something to harm humanity. It always surprises us how dark Earth is at night time. We don’t have night or day, it’s always sunny on our planets. The temperature is always the same all year long. We don’t experience harsh environments like you. We are a very friendly and loving civilization, but we understand that you are still in the process of growth, because we are concerned for our well being, so for now we just watch humanity from far away. When time comes, we will be on our ships and land as soon as we can on this planet, then we will introduce ourselves in person.

As we mentioned before, we call ourselves ants but in our language it sounds a little different, We are 15 feet tall, some of us are taller, very hard working, always looking for new advancements, like creating new things. We are always looking and trying to bring to our civilization the best of everything. Our ships are very fast, we can fly from one galaxy to another in a split of second. Our ships are also very big, we you can fit a whole civilization on just one ship, that’s how big our ships are, but we don’t disclose our direct location for now. We keep our distance from negative civilizations, who still engage in wars.

This was a pleasant experience and made us very happy to be able to be channeled. We wish for humanity that the new Golden Age would come soon, and then we can introduce ourselves in person.

Thank you for transmission.

Erena Velazquez


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