Wake up Call.

Nancy Tate.

December 22, 2019.


There is going to be a continuance of things that have been going through in the background to some extent recently, and when it comes out into the open it will be obvious as to why it has been closed to the public and will be open to all of life around the world. It is going to be a first step in the new direction of how this world will be living in the times to come. It has been forewarned, and then promised in a different way as to how it will become the new way of being on this planet and beyond.
We are already in the beginning of the new way of being. We can allow ourselves all to be the epitome of how it will roll on through in the Love, Peace and Joy of living, and being in the energy that we have been readying yourselves for. It is the destined way of being that is in the new energy that we are creating and even feeling to increasing extents. This energy that I refer to is the energy of positivity.
By all means enjoy your Christmas times, and know that this Merry Christmas is the one that will help to open up the new way of being throughout the world. Know that so many of the things that have been taking place around the world are happening because of the release of the old negative energy that had collected in the depth of the inner earth. It is now in the progress of it clearing out and releasing the planet to the totality of the positive energy for all to enjoy and live in every moment of our life.
As we all give all of life positivity in Love we increase the release of the negativity, therefore decreasing it, and we increase the positivity that will complete the clarity of the world in Love, Peace and Joy of life. We are all waking up to the new way of being, and living our life as we are destined to live, in the new world that we are creating. This is our promise to ourselves from the beginning, and we are approaching the newness of what it means to bring our destiny to the door of success.
Much Love,
Nancy Tate


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