Vulnerability is Key. 

Trinity Teacher Uteah (U-tee-ah).

Received by Chris Maurus.

Asheville, NC, USA, May 19, 2019

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians


Posted, June 17, 2019. 

Teacher Uteah: “With the busyness of life on your world, there tends to be little time to stop and consider the most important things in life come from authentic relationships that go beyond superficial social life. Deep meaning relationships where people can be vulnerable in expression of their life journey — the difficulties, the challenges, the fears, the pain, and the joys of finding meaning in life are seldom explored by people with busy lives. Making a living and raising children often become a focus and the care of the soul may only be considered as the result of some tragedy that thrusts it to the forefront of your attention. For a world to become a place of truth, beauty, and goodness, it requires that people pay more attention to the care of the soul. Vulnerability is key to unlocking the deeper meanings of life by exploring the ‘uncomfortable.’

“Men are taught from an early age to be strong and to not show emotion — this is nearly a cultural norm that is deep seated in the DNA as men have traditionally been the warriors and hunters in providing protection and sustenance to the family and community. This is the conditioning that can block the emotions that allow the soul to express its own need for care. Often it is the woman in a relationship who opens up this vulnerability first and men typically are challenged to understand it. Women are also finding it difficult to express vulnerability because they are often the ones needing to hold the family together — seeing the needs of all are being met while neglecting their own self care. Women with working careers and family are even more challenged. 

“The answer to all this is the antidote to a busy life. This will require that you make time to stop the train of your busy life and get out and see where your life is going. This requires that you take yourself out of your comfort zone and the well worn ruts that you have created that have become mundane. There are many ways that you can change the way you live and still provide for your sustenance. How much time do you spend thinking about your life from a higher perspective? How do others see you? 

“When your life is over here on this world and you are facing eternity, your busyness will stop and you will have to look at the totality of your life and how it was lived. If you never stop to ‘check-in’ with how this is going now, you may find you missed out on some very valuable opportunities because you failed to put yourself in a vulnerable place to explore things that may have enriched your life experiences. Understand that there is no other personality here or hereafter that will hold you accountable to see that you grew in truth, beauty, and goodness — this is something you will want for yourself — to store those treasures in the soul. 

“It is never too late for you to find deeper meaning in life. You can choose to start today and make changes that will allow for your self-care. You can find these deeper parts of yourself by being vulnerable and looking at your life from a higher perspective. Looking at those uncomfortable things you typically push under, as to not disturb your busy life, can be the very thing that makes life worth living and can lead to great opportunities to enrich your experiences in truth, beauty, and goodness. 

“When more people begin choosing to care for the soul, this will affect their relationships in a positive way where society will eventually find that vulnerability is not a weakness, but a way to express truth, beauty, and goodness. This then leads to values that society will recognize as being something that benefits all people. This is the antitheses of a world changing to see wealth as a value for an enriched life rather than a busy life. Spend some time today looking at the bigger picture of your life and see where you can bring more truth, beauty, and goodness into it. 

“In service to the soul, 
“I AM Uteah.”


© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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