Violet Fire all around...

By Melanie Beckler.

April 29, 2019. 

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Have you ever worked with the Violet Flame? 


The Violet Flame is a form of Spiritual Fire (invisible spiritual energy) that is absolutely incredible for transmuting lower energies and accelerating spiritual growth and development. 
It's been used by spiritual masters, taught as mystery school practices and conveyed in so many spiritual teachings dating waaaaaaaay back...
And while sometimes in our world, what's shiny and new seems better... 
In this case, the ancient practices working with the Violet Flame remain so so profound today...
Plus the violet flame energy still looks sort of shiny when you see it in your mind's eye and believe me, I have nothing against shiny! LOL
So here's why I'm bringing this up now...
Over the weekend I hopped a flight to meet up with some incredible people who are doing really magical stuff in the world of numerology, tarot, astrology, and more ... 
I'll tell you more about that soon... 
For now... 
I just wanted to share with you this incredibly simple practice I use for invoking the energy of the violet flame. 
Because, being totally transparent with you right now, I always feel a bit "icky" after flying... 
Do you know what I'm talkingabout? 
Being crammed into the back of a crowded plane (or really just being in large crowds of people) as a super sensitive person is not the most enjoyable process. 
Afterward, I can tangibly feel the energy of others lingering in the outer edges of my energy field despite my best efforts to shield, protect and stay centered... 
But by invoking the spiritual energy of the violet flame all around... 
It seriously works like magic to clear the energy of others. Plus it's so beautifully soothing and invigorating. 
Such a powerful tool to instantly shift in vibration and return to a state of centered, present, embodied love. 
So today I wanted to share with you this experience. 
Of calling forth and tuning into the Violet Flame. 
Which also works to transform andtransmute negative energy, clarify your thinking, and allow healing energy to flow and circulate through your being. 

I put a video at the top of the page linked to above... 

Watch that (or you can read about the process first if you'd like which is below the video) ... 
But essentially, I channel the energy of the Violet Flame and guide you to connect with it! 
You're going to love it! 
With so much love, gratitude, and bright blessings, 
P.S. The timing is really so perfect for working with the Violet flame energy right now to releaseand transmute whatever has happened this past month of April... 
To make way and open to the new possibilities and expanded light possible for you stepping into May. 

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