Brighteon 2.0 launches next week with improved features, a new interface and greater resistance against censorship.

 by: Mike Adams.

June 20, 2019. 

Mike Adams
With YouTube banning more and more channels that discuss pro-liberty health topics, anti-cancer, Christian views and pro-America content, Brighteon 2.0 is launching next week as the alternative to YouTube.
Brighteon 2.0 is a pro-liberty video platform that already has more vaccine truth videos than any other platform on the 'net. Version 2.0 features a new user interface, many improvements and most importantly higher resistance against infrastructure censorship efforts.
Image: Video freedom: Brighteon 2.0 launches next week with improved features, a new interface and greater resistance against censorship.



(Natural News) With YouTube’s censorship of pro-liberty voices accelerating by the day, video free speech site Brighteon 2.0 is about to launch with new features, a new user interface and improve resistance against internet censorship. launched in July, 2018 as a free speech platform. Originally named “,” the name was changed to after resolving an intellectual property dispute with Real Networks, which threatened to go to court to confiscate the domain name.
Over the last year, Brighteon has faced extreme censorship efforts by upstream infrastructure providers, forcing Brighteon to remove, for example, all videos depicting the New Zealand mosque shooting. By the time that took place, we were already working hard on a massive platform re-work, building our own infrastructure that would move videos off upstream tech platforms and help insulate the network from future censorship attacks.
Now, Brighteon 2.0 is just a week (or so) away. Nearly all existing videos are automatically moved to Brighteon 2.0 with no effort required on the part of users. All the video embed code and URLs will continue to work as before.
Brighteon 2.0 offers several new advantages:
  • The video platform is still free for all users, and our new infrastructure is dramatically less expensive for us to operate in terms of monthly storage costs, making the video network financially sustainable to operate.
  • A new user interface offers greatly improved reporting on video views, easier controls for video playlists and many other features.
  • Videos that were previously banned can be re-uploaded under the new system. There are still some restrictions, of course, such as no porn, no murder videos, snuff videos, illegal videos, bomb-making videos and so on.
  • Categories of videos that were previously not welcomed on the platform (such as video game footage videos) will be welcomed under Brighteon 2.0 due to our dramatically reduced operating costs.
  • While still not 100% immune to censorship, Brighteon 2.0 is far more resilient against infrastructure providers that might attempt to take the platform offline. More steps are being taken throughout 2019 to make the platform even more resistant to organized censorship efforts.
More features are being added this year, too…

Brighteon to add user logins, channel subscriptions and instant messaging features

Now that our infrastructure changes are nearly complete, the Brighteon R&D team will be focusing on new features to make the site more convenient for end users and content creators alike:
  • User logins and subscriptions so that users can follow all the new videos for any channel they like.
  • Instant messaging functionality so that channel owners can post messages to their followers, in addition to posting videos.
  • NO SHADOWBANNING whatsoever. When users follow a channel, they get everything from that channel, including text messages and videos. Users can choose to un-follow a channel at any time, if they wish.
  • Video categories will be implemented on the home page so that end users can surf to the types of videos they want to see the most: Health and nutrition, science and tech, politics and culture, comedy and satire, etc.
  • We are currently talking with SubscribeStar about adding SubscribeStar donations to the Brighteon interface so that content creators can display links for donations or funding via SubscribeStar.
Join now (it’s free) at All the new features are being rolled out next week. As always, expect a few glitches during the rollout period.



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