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No. 2020/04.

Source: Galactic Federation – SaVi.

Posted April 25, 2020 by Derek Knauss
Disclaimer: This message is only meant for those to whom the contents resonate, for everybody else you can read and then let it go.
Current View on the Corona Virus
In reality, the named corona pandemic is not as it seems, as more and more people on this planet are discovering.
The Light Forces ask you to remain relaxed and calm, but active in terms of attention, networking, inner work and following the mission in the liberation of this planet.
Although it is a virus, which was artificially produced in laboratories, it is a normal virus infection, like any other flu infection that has been active throughout all previous years. It is hardly different from the others.  Those who are of the Dark are incarnated in human physical bodies.  Therefore, to achieve their goals, they use strains from normal virus groups as otherwise it would also put their own health or life at great risk.
The real intention behind this pandemic includes the creation of a certain behavior pattern, acceptance for restrictions and complete cancellation of all rights permanently.  A viral group made of a basic substance and which has existed for a long time and thus will continue to exist, is therefore now created as the latest form of faceless terrorist.   So the next time it mutates and re-appears (which is already slowly being announced), an attempt will be made to use this as further reasoning to prolong the restrictions or to completely remove all rights until all those who are affected by the restrictions become accustom to them and accept it completely as the new normal..
This regular virus version is/was supposed to represent a permanent danger, according to the agenda of the Dark side, through an intensive manipulation and distribution of false information.  As a consequence, this will/would lead to a total removal of all rights– as already described – and subsequent complete and total control by those in actual authority.
If it does not, then those with any remaining sense of responsibility would have to reverse any measures in place and lift all restrictions, i.e. return all rights to the population and face up to the fact that no serious pandemic exists or has existed.  This would obviously cause a lot of uncomfortable questioning by the population including whether or not those in government and authority really have the best intentions of the people in mind.
The Dark side spread the virus simultaneously in short intervals in several countries in an attempt to accelerate its spread.   The intended result failed to materialize.  The spread of this biological weapon system was started by the Dark side at the end of 2019.  It’s long term goal was to weaken the immune system of the population more and more and to simultaneously increase the death rate.  It is simply another attempt in a series of efforts which the Dark side continues to use to reduce the population through their use of hidden agendas.
The spreading of diseases is nothing new.  They are part of the Dark side’s ongoing testing program.  Man-made diseases are tested on the surface population.  The planet has been under experimentation for decades under programs that include chemtrails, GMO’s, aerosols, cloud seeding, pharmaceuticals, biological weapons, audio and energy frequency weapons, microwave technologies, EMF’s, pesticides, 5G, etc.  We cannot forget that these same programs have a devastating impact to all animals, plants and eco-systems on Earth.
The curriculum also includes vaccinations which are intended to prepare and initiate the micro-chipping of the surface population.  This would synthetically link all those affected to one or more artificial intelligence program(s) which then could remotely initiate a systematic reduction or regulation of the size of the inhabitants worldwide.  One part of the plan of the Dark side consisted of allowing a life expectancy of only 30-35 years maximum for the surface population.  This enormous reduction and manipulation of shortening life expectancy is not a recent agenda item of the Dark side – these attempts existed on this planet before.
The world’s human population is too large to consistently manage and control by such a small and elite group.
Measures of Light Forces
The Light Forces have taken measures to limit the effect of the virus.  One of them is to make recovery faster than normal.  The Light Forces use light technologies that can and do direct the virus to pass through the body systems much quicker.  This assistance from the Light Forces depends on whether people are willing to accept this help or not, as determined by their intentions.   In other words, if the person is sincerely living and behaving from the heart through his/her decision making, determination, consistency and actual service, their intentions are clear and open for assistance.
These are high technologies of the Light Forces that can transmit light codes with healing information into the physical systems – each one specifically tuned to each individual, affected, divine being on this planet.  They strengthen and increase the light vibration and thus affect the immune systems of individuals, animals and even eco-systems.  All are supplied with the necessary energies that their individual systems require.  This fine-tuning of the incoming high light-technologies is being done on the surface of the planet by the incarnated part of the Light-Forces – known as the ground crew.
The ground crew carry the DNA codes of original Earth, from the human race, as well as special codes with unique qualities from the civilizations where these crews originate.  They are able to completely absorb the corresponding light codes and deliver them, fine-tuned, to the affected inhabitants in the necessary dosages.  This happens for those who are open and ready for it.  There is another set of incarnated Light Force members who may join the ground crew in their works.  These are Starseeds who chose to come to the planet to assist in this process.   They also hold these certain light code keys that would enable use of these healing techniques.  However, this is only possible for those who elect to follow their mission.  There are many Starseeds who will never wake up to their mission due to the severe programming by the Dark.  Such commitment is rarer than you think.  Please know that the Light Forces have several methods by which they can identify Starseeds whom are on the right track, as such healing work would not be possible with anyone still holding distortions.  You may be a Starseed but not necessarily an awakened one.
Despite these measures taken by the Light Forces, each surface inhabitant also has a personal responsibility in terms of nutrition, lifestyle, inner attitude, activity, recovery and their readiness for inner work – this means complete decoupling from the old 3D matrix.
Through the “sheltering at home” and “social distancing” orders, a positive side-effect was created for Earth and all eco-systems.  Due to the considerable restriction, vehicle traffic is considerably reduced and subsequently its exhaust emissions, including those caused by ships, airplanes, cars, and long-distance truck haulers. The restriction of the railway or the prohibition of some traditions such as Easter fires reduced the toxic pollutants as well.  This is a significant break for nature, eco-systems, air, atmosphere, etc.  This also triggers a huge cleaning and regeneration boost, which is what the planet, eco-systems and the animal kingdoms urgently need.
However, none of what we are speaking about is the fault of the normal surface population.  Humans have been denied the knowledge and use of many existing, environmentally friendly, modern, and ecological technologies. These technologies would certainly allow transportation to exist without exhaust emissions and other harmful poisons.
Action from Planet Earth – Strengthening of the Immune System
Furthermore, the Earth as a living being has actively contributed to the strengthening of the immune system via two impulses (waves) – coming from the Earth’s core.  The first took place at the beginning of February this year and the second at the beginning of April.  With these impulses (waves) planet Earth has, for the first time in a very long time, the possibility of a direct strengthening and healing influence on all beings that are connected to her.   Thus she, Mother Earth, protects her children, to whom she has given a body, in a natural way.  Most especially to those who love her in return.  In this way planet Earth herself contributes to the strengthening of our immune system.  If the immune system of the natural human population is stable & strong, her own immune system is as well.  These are healing energies from the Cosmic Central Sun, which came into this galaxy via the Universal Central Sun and Galactic Central Sun, and thus also influence our Sun in this solar system and thus also the Earth.  These, however, are not the larger, great cosmic waves that many of you are expecting.
An attack by the Dark side with all its weapon systems is always an attack on the planet itself -which is the basis of life for all beings living on it.
In order to weaken a civilization’s immune system, in the past the first thing that happened was an attack on the immune system of a planet, which is responsible for the balance of the eco-systems.  Such attacks then also weaken the immune system of the eco-systems, which then weakens the immune system of the animal civilizations that depend on it.  And furthermore, the immune system of the humanoid civilization as well – since everything is connected via the bodies (cell information/DNA).
Operations of Light Forces – Reconnection of Earth
An essential prerequisite for liberation, the ascension of the entire civilization and the integration into the cosmic network of planetary systems, is your connection with the planet.
The separation from the planet and the creation of an artificial world on Earth, which has been growing for centuries, has additionally led to many destructive and exotic diseases.  Furthermore, this led to intentions, thoughts and behaviour patterns that are unnatural.  Most of you are completely unaware of these manipulations.  All these behaviours are currently being completely detached and dissolved by the light forces. This detachment is a very intense, interwoven and complex process and causes instability within the entire 3D matrix.
In order to counteract the agenda of the Dark side and to re-establish the vital connection with the planet, some actions were carried out by the Light Forces which can now be announced.
In the years 2000 to the end of 2012, after a long time, the three-fold heart-flame of the surface population was activated.  The three-fold flame corresponds to the holy grail.  A special crew of the incarnated part of the Light Forces searched in this density for the heart-flame of every being on this planet.  The Heart Flame was within many only a small spark and no longer a flame, but it was still there – which encouraged the Source to intervene.  As soon as a spark was found by the surface crew of the Light Forces, they gave a signal to the Source via their special keys.  The Source answered with a signal.  This light signal was anchored in the divine spark and put back in its designated place in the heart of every human and animal.  The spark in the heart-flame with the signal remained inactive for a prescribed time – and the Source activated it when the time came.  After the cosmic gates were closed at the end of 2012, the signal from Source began to gradually unfold and glow within the heart sparks or heart flames – triggering an awakening process.  This initiated a sense to do the inner work and start the process of detaching from the matrix.
In mid-2019, a special fleet in direct cooperation with a select crew of the incarnated part of the ground crew distributed light seeds via their special keys at a large and very busy airport using a special light technology.  Such an airport was chosen as the best way to expand and deliver this information quickly to the world’s populace.   This mission ran for several months.  The light seeds were placed in every being that has a divine heart spark (heart flame) in the Kundalini-Sun that exists in every human being.  This exists in animals as well.  By the end of 2019 as many people/animals as possible were reached.  To make contact with all 4-5 billion people on earth, (yes the alleged 7 billion humans on earth is an inflated number meant to support their multiple agendas) these light seeds had another special feature.  Every family member who had physical contact with this airport received this Light-Seed and passed it on to the next family member at their next meeting.   Thus, step by step the whole family structure was reached.
It no longer mattered whether the contact of the family member was a direct physical contact or a contact in another form.  Only the heart connection within the family structure was important.  This means that the light seeds could multiply through the carriers.  One carrier from each  family was enough to bring this light seed into the whole family structure, including their pets.  Thus, by the end of 2019 a huge number of the population were reached with these light seeds.  These light-seeds are also connected to the three-fold heart-flame.
From October 2019 a special fleet positioned itself in the inner earth’s core to a certain area under the surface of the planet.  This special fleet is connected to the light seeds which were previously distributed to the surface population and at the same time to the earth’s core.  The Earth’s core is connected to the Sun and the Sun is connected to the Galactic Central Sun, among others.
From January 2020 this special fleet started it’s operation to raise the earth frequency.  The frequency rise comes regularly from the Galactic Central Sun which in turn is supplied by the other Central Suns and these are supplied with cosmic energies from Source.  Through these increases and through the connection to each Kundalini Sun of every being on the surface of the planet, the frequency in every human and animal body naturally also multiplied.  That energy flows through the Kundalini Sun in their bodies and the rising Kundalini energy then expands gradually into all physical systems.
Due to the high scanning and observance technology of the Light Forces it is possible to monitor and record everything.  All reactions of the affected surface population are under constant evaluation in order to reduce or avoid all possible additional stress and strain for the physical, energetic and psychological systems.
Thus, all affected parts of the surface population have been anchored and undisturbed to the core of the earth for a while.  (The heart of Mother Earth).  The anchors also connect to Light Forces, the sun, etc.  So we all have within us the potential to move with Mother Earth to her next phase.  Each of us has the choice on whether  to surrender to these changes and raise our vibration to join her on her path.  As noted before, this includes a lot of inner work and self-analysis.  The inner work is the complete decoupling from the 3D-matrix.
All measures taken by the Light Forces have the following effect.
Through our now increased ability to absorb the light energies, light codes etc. the immune system of the surface population strengthens additionally and automatically. As this expanding light becomes more anchored in the body systems, this light is actually able to burn away the nano-technology present in our bodies.  The Dark side can no longer condense implants in these permanently light-flooded areas of the body through their nano-technologies.
To the further delight of the Light Forces, all of the light technology measures they have been utilizing also have dissolving effects on the Tunnels of Seth.  The Tunnels of Seth were coupled to certain exotic weapon systems (including some Toplet bombs) and were inter-connected to the surface population.
These are all factors that have caused the Dark side to push through their agenda in an almost panicky way.
Due to the additional dissolution of the tunnels of Seth, the suppressive influence of the Dark side on the surface population is being automatically released at an ever-increasing rate.  And this triggers an enormous awakening boost for those who can or want to accept it.
However, what has to be realized in the whole liberation process is that only those who surrender themselves to these changes will experience them.  All others who cling to the old structures simply reconnect themselves to the old oppressive 3D matrix structures and thus maintain these same structures with all of their inconveniences and dangers.
Source: Galactic Federation – SaVi

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