Unity versus Separation.

by Owen K Waters

July 7th, 2019

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The eternal theme of human history on Earth has been that of good versus evil. We generally define good behavior as that which is unselfish and supportive. Evil, its opposite, is then defined as behavior which is self-serving at the expense of others.

Underlying these opposing definitions is a common principle, that of separation. Long before the time that original consciousness adopted human form, all forms of consciousness knew that they were one, that they were part of an interconnected whole. This is called unity consciousness.

Originally, humans were consciously connected to nature and also to each other, just as animals are today. For example, after the enormous tsunami that hit Indonesia in December 2004, massive numbers of dead humans were found, but no dead wild animals. All of the animals had been aware of the impending disaster and headed for higher ground.

The news media reported that a group of normally-docile elephants tore their retaining stakes from the ground and ran uphill toward safety, trumpeting warnings for others to follow. As soon as the tsunami struck and started to recede, the elephants returned and used their height and strength to rescue children from the flood waters and carry them to higher ground.

At some point in human history, we decided to explore the concept of separation. We wanted, not just physically separate bodies, but a real sense of conscious separation from other people, the universe, and the Divine.

Already, we had separate individual souls, spirit bodies, and physical bodies. We decided to go all the way and be born with no conscious connection to each other. In other words, we would be, for once, truly separate and independent entities while in physical bodies.

Even though we would still be connected to the whole, as all things are, we would not be consciously aware of that connection. Now THAT, we thought, would be an experience!

The fundamental reason for individuality is so that the original Creator can experience itself from an infinite number of viewpoints. How much more realistic, we asked, would it be if the viewpoints were truly independent and creative, with their own attributes of intelligence and freewill?

Since those days, long forgotten in the mists of time, people have been born into a world where separation is their reality. It is also a world where the fear of lack can easily develop. Under adverse conditions, the will to survive becomes a fear for survival. The idea that there are only so many resources available for one's survival creates the will to fight for those resources. The fear of being overpowered in a potentially dangerous environment can lead to the desire to gain power over others in order to feel more secure.

And so, the negative underbelly of separation from source began to develop. As people became more and more separated from each other by the harsh experience of the selfish drives of other people, the darkness deepened. In a world of aloneness, where the next person cannot be trusted, where is one to turn?

Foreseeing these depths of darkness, the Creator has repeatedly sent individuals of great light into this world of humankind, individuals who have shown people the way out of darkness. Western culture is most familiar with the emotionally transformative teachings of Jesus. Other cultures have also been given teachers who bring great light in ways that are best suited to them. Examples of these include the Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, and Lao Tse.

Today, the current chapter of human experience on Earth is drawing to a close. These are the days of The Shift. The frequency of all life on the planet is being raised so that a new chapter of life can begin. The old guard is passing away. The new children being born today resonate to the frequency of the new consciousness. The world is changing, sometimes in hidden and mysterious ways and we are progressing steadily toward the very birth of a New Reality.

Owen Waters

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