Ultimate Self.

A pure land transmission

April 12, 2019


Photo by  Yash Raut  on  Unsplash

Divine Ones, The light within you grows and grows. As your reach higher; tuning to the vaster frequencies of your own wholeness, your embodiment elevates. This change in presence is temporary; and yet entirely sustainable. It is temporary because your life is a dynamic expression of your focus. It is sustainable because your life is a dynamic expression of your focus and you’re free to choose how you focus. When you live within your own energy field, you feel whole, clear, strong and steady. Your life makes sense to you. You feel at ease in your body and at ease in the world. This is how we suggest you live. We suggest you orient inwardly, for knowing, for clarity and for a sense of self. We suggest you embrace yourself exactly as you are and generously pour love upon your sense of self. The emotions possible from such a shift are tantamount to your most elevated sense of joy. The life within you that is here, knows how perfect you are. Yet you? You so often do not choose to see this perfection within yourself. Creating instead, Feelings of strife, struggle, less-than-ness and then acting out as if you need to make yourself perfect, Pathways of improvement. And then as you feel a bit tired, or something captivates your attention and makes you laugh, All that falls away. You return home; to the simple perfection of your being. We are here, to remind you of home.




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