Two Extreme Thoughts.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, USA, April 9, 2013.

Posted 2019/05/10

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.


Thought Adjuster: “There are two extreme thoughts regarding religion. At one extreme, you find those who don’t believe in anything. They are the ones who have rebelled against the deceptions and manipulations of the institutional religions of the past and, for this reason, they reject everything that sounds ‘spiritual’. Many of them have a materialistic vision and refuse to use faith as a way to overcome the limitations of their human perception. 

“At the other extreme you can find those who are trapped in traditional religions. They are the ones who believe in everything half way and do not question anything. Their religious leaders easily manipulate them and they hold to their beliefs sometimes with violence, without leaving any room for doubt or for new and improved considerations and interpretations of the truths they so earnestly defend. 

“Neither of these extremes will ever provide a complete vision of reality. Those who do not believe would see how their lives, their mental health, their relationships and the way in which they see their world, could benefit from a little faith. They obstinately reject any possibility of discovering something beyond matter and they deny their own experiences of spiritual awakening. Those who are victims of religious fanaticism would find that some of the skepticism of their non-believer peers would be helpful, because they would get an opportunity to question those traditions and beliefs that, even being a part of their religions, are not an adequate expression of divine goodness. 

“However, many people in your world are somewhere in the middle between these two extremes. They are the ones who must decide to dedicate their lives to the search for truth or simply let their days pass into oblivion without growing or progressing in the understanding of their lives, their true being, and their destiny. For all light workers, this segment of the population represents the best opportunity to exert a positive influence with their examples and their lives. We are not suggesting that you should forget your siblings in the extremes, but once a human being has made a decision about their beliefs and what is considered to be the truth, this decision cannot be easily changed, unless that person has an open mind to accept changes and make adjustments to his or her concept of reality. Neither eloquent persuasion, nor force can effectively change a mind that has been set. 

“When the Master walked among you in your world, He did everything in His power to answer the questions and satisfy the yearnings of those who showed the slightest interest in their spiritual salvation. He gave himself generously to all who asked, giving them even more than what they asked for. However, He never made the mistake of trying to convince anybody who did not ask for salvation. He knew very well that life and human experiences are the best anvil in which a dynamic and saving faith, that can lead a person towards God, is forged. 

“Light workers, your job is not to convince and gain adepts to your movement. Your work is to present a way, show where the gates to spirituality are, and then let everybody do what they need to enter and start enjoying the spiritual fruits that are produced in the battles of faith. In the end, the salvation of a soul is always the responsibility and the task of that soul in particular. A person can destroy or build herself depending on her decisions. Those who achieve perfection will know without a doubt that the glorious enterprise of transforming an almost animal being into an original and faithful expression of God is, and forever will be, a personal achievement, a goal reached by their own efforts by unwavering commitment and the cultivation of an intelligent faith.”


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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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