Transcending the Illusion of Light Versus Dark ~ Jeff Street

Transcending the Illusion of Light Versus Dark By Jeff Street, *Wake Up World*May 29, 2018 Originally published at Divine Cosmos and reproduced here with permission.
A belief that seems to be prevalent in many spiritual circles is that the ascension of humanity involves some sort of battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness — a battle between good and evil. Associated with this belief is the idea that we (the so-called awakened and enlightened ones) must defeat those of the darkness to successfully co-create a new earth. If you haven’t been drawn into this us-ag... more »
About the author:
Jeff Street awakened a few years ago, after having been an atheist/agnostic scientist type with absolutely no spiritual beliefs for most of his life. After many ‘magical’ new experiences, he is now passionate about learning and sharing his insights about spirituality and metaphysics on his blog, where this article first appeared. You can also follow Jeff on Facebook via

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