Tolerance cannot be confused with acceptance.

Mother Mary

Through Jane Ribeiro.

Translated from Portuguese May 19, 2020


Beloved Children,

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

It is time to seek the healing of your bodies by unearthing all the hurts of the past, letting all the ghosts that roam your lives silent, not allowing the exercise of detachment by the strength of the memories they carry.

It is also necessary to review your thoughts by removing the judgment that accompanies them, so that you can review your concepts, recognizing the prejudices that do not allow you to exercise divine justice.

Your actions, beloved ones, need to reflect your thoughts and feelings, so that you can let your truth show, trying to accept the fact that the other has the right to process your own truth.

So your behaviors can reveal tolerance, tolerance towards the other, tolerance for the diversity of thoughts, tolerance for the choices of the other, for their actions and omissions.

Tolerance cannot be confused with acceptance.

Your values ​​need to be preserved if they really reflect the will of your soul, behold, you need to be free to think, feel and act according to your hearts.

However, it is necessary to exercise respect for the other, and for everything he brings in his luggage, so that you can also demand respect for everything you are.

Only with respect and tolerance can your world change.

Yes, you are responsible for changing the world, bringing to light the new being, the one who walks already stripped of all prejudices, all limiting feelings, detached from the false reality of the world of illusion, the one who preaches by example, who lives and it reflects his truth, which is always ready to serve by helping others to get up, to find the way, to value the simplicity and humility that only the just in heart can demonstrate.

This is the new inhabitant of the Earth who needs to rise gloriously, healed from all limits, pain and suffering, the being who seeks healing, recognizing that without healing the wounds of the past, there is no way to move forward on the chosen road, the one that returns fullness, behold, only light is present in it.

Heal, beloved!

The cure is revealed only when the darkness has been recognized and transformed.

Therefore, seek to recognize everything that feeds the dark side in you.

Make the truth, which you recognize in your heartbeat, the powerful weapon that impels you to solidify your choice by light.

Choosing the light, however, is only the first step.

You need to be able to attract and consolidate the light in your lives and this is only possible through your determination to change what no longer serves.

It is time to answer yourselves what no longer serves in your lives!

The answer will come clear and crystalline, in the silence it reveals, so that you can act in the search for the necessary changes based on the certainty that, however painful they may seem, they will return you to true life, without false illusions, where everyone has the same rights and obligations, where common well-being is always one step ahead, where everyone respects each other because they have recovered the clarity that reveals the unity with the Creator Father.

Beloved ones, life is there to be lived to the full by all, and this is the time when everyone needs to recover this right, but first they need to make the necessary changes in their lives that lead them to strip themselves of all selfishness, pain and separation that led them to rock bottom and only generated unhappiness.

Beloved ones, may your prayers feed the will and determination of all your brothers who have not yet started the healing process in their hearts.

Beloved, I leave you now pouring out my blessings on you all and wrapping everyone in my blanket of protection, because I am Mary, your Mother.

Jane Ribeiro
SP-Message from Mãe Maria 2020/05/19 received by Jane M. Ribeiro

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