Time is Malleable, and is Rippling More Often than Not.

Archangel Collective.  

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

March 7, 2020.




Welcome dear friends of the light, of the way. 
We are the Archangel Collective. 
We hold our multi-colored swords up high in honor of our light bearers. We are many. Some of you have record of us in your ancient texts, but most remain anonymous from your records, for there are so many of us. We honor and serve the Creator with all that we are. We are delighted to see that many of you are beginning to do the same and are stepping up into your role as leaders of Nova Gaia. We were considering saying “future leaders of Nova Gaia” but we do desire to portray the immanency of our words.
For time is malleable, and is rippling more often than not. This one experienced a large time jump today. This is happening more and more regularly to many of you as you are adjusting to the higher light frequencies. Like clear water, the dimensions exist stacked one on top of one another. The lower the dimensions the muddier the waters. We hope that this analogy makes sense. And so, when one puts a foot into the pond and starts moving in the water, it is difficult to say which part of the body remains in which part of water, for all is in motion.
This is an apt depiction of what a multidimensional experience is like, for you are all experiencing different layers of dimensional water simultaneously. As a human form you are, or at least have very well been, encased within a solid form. As you know, as your scientists admit, there is much space in between the in-betweens. Space exists within the atoms on the smallest most minute level. The heartbeat of the universe lies within the spaces. You are the universe encased in form. We wish for you to see and feel this fact, for humans have been conditioned to believe that they are small and they are anything but. Atoms dance and spin and within them, exists worlds of realms you have yet to discover. This is where the magic of creation comes in, friends. There is so much more to discover.
We are the Archangelic Collective. We are working nonstop for the ascension and progression of humanity upon Gaia, to morph into her higher dimensional light. We offer our many-colored rays to you in service. Utilize them. Invite us to work with the frequencies of colors needed for your auric cleansing, for your stability, for your morphing. You are exhausted and the time jumps, energy upgrades and auric cleansing post attacks, have been harrowing and yet you continue to shine. We wish to surround you with your permission. We surround you with the rainbow hues of our swords of many rays. (I am seeing angels of all races surrounding me with swords upheld, creating a pillar of rainbow light, running through us into the crystal heart of Gaia and up into heaven. I am seeing this crystal heart begin to spin in a vortex of rainbow crystal hues, spinning, spinning. It is windy. There is much wind extending up from the vortex beneath all of us, up through the earth. The wind extends through both poles of Gaia. I am seeing the rainbow rays begin to create a grid within Gaia). Yes, we are creating further additions to the already existing crystalline grid of Nova Gaia, of 5D. (It is a multi-layered grid of mobile gold and sparkling light. It is joyful, multi-layered to infinity. As far as I can see, all around are moving, alive layers of light, like clock gears all spinning in their own way, forming and creating a solid form. I am seeing this within the hearts of the grid holders as well. We are taking on this form within our human insides). True, there is much in the process of creation in this now.
We are the Archangelic Collective. Call to us, remember this meditation. We have activated your rainbow codexes further, to spur you on in your ascension and you have been an integral part with furthering the rainbow body bridge. We serve the Creator with great joy and naturally we are in service to you. We will protect and defend. Create this rainbow bubble of light around you, should you desire to feel our presence more permanently. It will serve you well in the coming days. All is well, warriors of the light, of the way. We are offering you your own sword in return for this massive assistance. You have always had one but have misplaced it perhaps, over millennia of incarnations into the dark for self-discovery. Your soul name is on the blade. Wield it for the light, always. The darkness is past, all that remains are angry wisps of smoke. This sword dissolves anger and fear. Keep it near you. Send light to all you meet. We are the Archangelic Collective. We are always nearby, should you require assistance or wish to delve further into this meditative state with us, where we may speak more clearly with you. Peace. We love you!







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