Ancestors and Elohim.

Through Galaxygirl.

Jauary 12th, 2020


We are the ancestors.
We are the ancient ones returned to your time stream and reality. We are aspects of your past selves and futures selves, for time is a spiral, it is not as you have been taught. The linear way was to simplify and to create confusion. Time can be spiraled up like a spring. It is possible to jump. Soon you too will be able to do this most effortlessly, for your intentions are coming online and it is most impressive dear ones, how much you are progressing and how fast. We see worlds. We are the Elohim, many of us work closely with our embodied selves. You reading are they, most likely. Be not afraid as the world shifts, as Gaia trembles and quakes with the onset of the new energies. Be at peace knowing that all good things are headed your way, friends.
We are the Ancestors and we are the Elohim. In a combined message we wish for you to know that you are divinely supported on all levels. Elohim create, seeding worlds. This experiment has been fraught with pain, and we are here to heal it, to rectify past decisions and to transform future outcomes into the light. And we are the Ancestors. We dance the ancient songs in a circle, weaving the light, weaving the codes. We drum. We touch the Earth with reverence and respect. Reverence and respect for Mother Gaia is returning. For she is your most sacred home and she is morphing into light under your feet. See? Your feet are glowing alive with the energies that she is providing for you. Align with her morphing form. Do not ground, for she is shifting too much to ground with accuracy and you want to be in fluid motion with her. Align with her as you would align with a native Hawaiian hula dancer, shifting, moving, caught up in the energy and the joy of the dance. Align with her. For the heart chakra of Gaia is expanding and her heart is growing ever bigger, ever greener.
We are the Ancient Ones returned. We are the Elohim. We are the Ancestors. We see your future decisions and encourage you to chose with joy, with light. We see each decision as a radical one, full of importance. Walk with the light. Dance the ancient dances. Open up the ancient caverns of your inner wisdom and remember your lessons of old. Remember how to weave light into laughter, how to create planetary grids with love-light. For this is what is occurring in this now as Nova Gaia is being Terra-formed in this moment. The dark ones will fall away. The old energies can no longer withstand the power and intensity of the light. Be not overly concerned with this falling away, for you knew it was to be. Focus on creating more light, on serving those who have nothing. Focus not on material possessions for they will fall away and no longer be necessary, for it will be more fun in the future to simply create as you go, when you need it.
We are the Ancient Ones returned. Many of you lived in Lumeria times, in Atlantean times. We place the white linen shroud of the priest or priestess over your mantle now, reigniting the codes of remembrance. (I am feeling light and buzzing in my head and my ears are ringing. I am hearing bells, I am surrounded by gems emitting light and frequency). The Lumerian and Atlantean codes are fully online to assist with the remembering of this society so that higher vibrational choices are made in love. No longer shall the power of a few dictate the fate of many. You are choosing your own fate. You are choosing the light. You are powerful beyond your wildest imaginings. You have done this before many times. You shall again. We are sending the codes of golden light down your form, feel these light fractals burst from your skin, emitting golden hues of light. We are surrounding you with the singing crystals of the higher dimensional beings that support and surround. We ask that you ground this – that you align this with Mother Gaia’s shifting form. Gently push these energies into her crystal heart, into her Hawaii green pulsing heart chakra. Feel the fire codes as the fire salamanders ignite and laugh. Feel the drumbeat, primal, true as you remember your heritage as Elohim, creator of worlds. Drink in the crystal clear waters and connect. Connect with the divine feminine waters of all life as they bathe and renew you. Sing the ancient song. Dance the ancient dance of remembering and laugh as one who has seen their future and is delighted with it. For this is the future that we see for you.
We are the Ancient Ones returned. We surround you, imbue you with light of the highest way. Be comforted and be in joy.


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