The Pleiadians.

Through Christine Day.

November 2019.




Beloved ones we greet you, There is an intensification of pure consciousness light entering the planet, which is creating a powerful shift within the dimensional grids on the earth. The energetic magnetic core is shifting its vibrational pulse. This is creating a constant disorientation within your senses as your own systems are going through a complete reset as you are moved into another phase of energetic transmutation. This entire process is creating a shift on the Timelines within Earth so there is an unfamiliarity of your senses creating a lot of unknown factors within your current environment.
As you move closer to the New Year time frame this disorientation will accelerate as the Earths rotation aligns to a different dimensional element in relationship to the Sun. Your magnetic core’s pulse will increase as the rotation of the Earth opens into a higher dimensional vibrational light phase with the Sun.
Know that a new variance will open on Earth as New Year births. Another aspect of the ‘New Dawning’ will be anchoring onto your planet. This is a celebration! This happening can be likened to the Sun rising for the first time over Earth, shedding a light, and illuminating the darkened areas on your planet.
Your Heart’s will recognize this frequency of awakening and automatically open further dimensionally in response to this illumination. This is your time to let go on another level allow your Heart to guide you forward into unfamiliar terrain. Know you are not alone and that this is a unique time in the history of planet Earth.
You need to prepare for this happening by working within your Heart and creating a strong anchored alignment within your Heart leading into the sacred time of New Year. Let go and be within your Heart, build this alignment moment by moment as this event draws near.
The Pleiadians
Source: Christine Day


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