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The Team via Peggy Black.

June 13th, 2019. 


We are here to honor you in your magnificence. You continue to move up the spiral of evolution with every conscious thought and conscious action, especially in the midst of the chaos as the old paradigm is dissolving. You are witnessing the collective shadow of negative and misqualified emotions rising to the surface of world events. These shadow emotions are being seen, witnessed and transformed by those of you who understand the principles and the universal laws. The light that you carry and broadcast is making a tremendous difference.
You are not alone in this task of transforming the negative and misqualitied energies. The entire galactic community of divine conscious starbeings, ascended masters, avatars, ancient ones, and archangels and angels are always available upon request.
The transformation of consciousness on this planet is a cosmic event that has been taking place for eons of time. This is the result of timeline experience after timeline experience. No matter how dark or hopeless it all seems, that can all change in a moment of the collective breath.
So with this transmission we are inviting you to begin to reconnect with your own star or galactic heritage. Begin to consider that even though you have a physical body there is an energy that is animating that form and that life. Just as you might consider your physical body your genetic heritage consider that you are also a part of a galactic heritage of energy.
Allow yourself to imagine for a moment that you have star essence, that you do carry the traits and the abilities of a galactic heritage, what might that be? How would these abilities or this divine lineage manifest in your life and actions?
What if these intrinsic gifts, these star and galactic abilities were awaiting the activation of personal codes. What if you could activate the codes or stimulate or quicken these intrinsic gifts. These are questions we are inviting you to begin to consider.
You know yourself as a physical presence; now we are wanting you to begin to engage with the idea that you are also an energy presence. Perhaps you can begin to engage in some form of energy exercises. Use your imagination and begin to allow time to play with the possibility that you might be able to travel time. Imagine yourself visiting other time frames in your history. Imagine that you might be able to travel even to other dimensions; allow yourself to see or sense what that might feel or look like. We invite you to leave any expectation aside. Remember you are just playing in your imagination.
You can use the quantum field to create a space in which you are safe to travel, to explore and adventure.
Let yourself relax into the process and just observe how this might manifest for you. The use of sound can also trigger a state of mind in which you can experience other realms and realties.
We are just inviting you to consider the possibilities and give yourself the grace to explore what your star heritage might be. What star system has always interested you or perhaps this is an entirely new concept to entertain and think about. You can do some searching and investigating. Study the star systems and the galaxies, does one interest you more than another.
Consider for a moment that there are something like 300 billion stars in your Milky Way, there might be around 30 billion planets in your galaxy alone, and there are over 100 billion galaxies in your observable Universe. Many of you have heard of some of these systems Antares, Pleiades, Arcturus, Betelgeuse, Sirius and Andromeda. This is a very large playground.
We are inviting you to create a sacred space, an Alchemist Chamber. The space is created in your imagination. Make it as real as possible. There are no limits here; remember, you are a creator. Once you have the space, the chamber, allow yourself to close your eyes and sense or feel yourself there. This is the place where you can invite information about your star essence, your galactic heritage. This is the place you might meet other energy beings that come as colors or geometric forms or patterns. Be open to the possibilities.
Remember you are a divine multidimensional being. You are in essence star energy. You carry a galactic heritage in your very DNA. We are just encouraging you to begin to access this information.
It is this connection to the bigger picture of who you are which will allow you to step more fully into your personal power as a master. As a divine starseed being you have unlimited energetic abilities. You are so much bigger than you ever have allowed yourself to consider. You just happen to be playing in an unconscious field and dimension that is limited. So as an empathic being you match the energy of this unconscious limited third dimension.
Now is the time to begin to stretch your awareness, to honor and call forth your personal abilities and gifts. It is time to quicken and stimulate the latent legacy you carry.
We invite you to begin to simply invite your star family, your star tribe, to make themselves known to you. Decide that you are going to watch movies or programs in which the subject may be starbeings or ET’s. Notice how new information appears, notice what you decide to read or what program you are guided to watch; that will offer clues to your questions.
Be aware of your dreams and the images that come forth while you sleep. The opportunity is happening now for you to awaken more fully to who you are and your connection to the stars and all the galactic energies. , Find a place where you can watch the stars in a relaxed setting and make a practice of observing the night sky. Imagine or even pretend that you could talk to the stars.
We realize that what we are suggesting here might feel a bit far out or even silly. Notice your reaction to our transmission. Does our words and invitations intrigue you, do they feel impossible or even feel like nonsense?
You can call upon the divine ones, named or unnamed, to assist and support you in this discovery. We assure you that once you begin to investigate the possibilities, doors of awareness are going to open and more will be revealed. It is time, and codes are being activated within many of you earthwalkers. Step into the truth that you are truly more than your physical body and form.
We are always available to support and assist; please call upon us in your journey to your true revealing. You are star seed, you are part of the awesome and amazing galactic unfolding. You are creators of worlds. the ‘team’

Peggy Black

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