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ry 1st, 2019.

Teacher Uteah: There is one fundamental idea that must preclude all ideas and understandings about higher consciousness that is required to attain a progressive path of growth both spiritually and mentally. What I am speaking about is your ability to conceptualize and think deeply about meaningful ideas and potentials — in other words, to have “deep thoughts” and to develop a personal philosophy for living. It is possible for each of you to develop the skills of a philosopher and tap into great potentials that lay buried beneath the surface of your busy mind. It starts with an intention, then an action, then a discipline to continue deep thinking going forward. Deep thinking is a well that leads to all knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual guidance — it is the path to the seat of soul where the Father’s Presence dwells. 

Of all the great minds that have contributed to the progress of your world — scientists, philosophers, theologians, and inventors — they all have one thing in common — they all have apportioned a moderate amount of their waking moments in each day to deep thoughts. What are deep thoughts? Deep thoughts are those thoughts that require inner dialog that pertain to ideas using imagination, reasoning, deduction, assumption, consideration, evidence, comparison, formulation, and projection — thoughts about your future; the development of your potentials; self-improvement; social improvement; looking at opposing sides of an issue and proposing an honest solution that serves the greatest good. Deep thoughts are creative thoughts! There are many definitions of deep thought and you might think about it as the opposite of a shallow thought. 

“What should I have for lunch today?” “What entertainments shall I engage in today?” “What vices will help me feel better and pass the time?” “I’m not smart enough to make those decisions.” “I’m not attractive.” “I’m not good enough.” “What new gadget will capture my attention?” “The car needs washing and the grass needs cutting.” These are shallow thoughts that result in activities that do not require much cerebral investment — these are predictable and have no eternal value, yet they occupy the greatest proportion of conscious moments in each day for many people. Little soul growth happens when this kind of thinking dominates the human mind. 

Deep thinking leads to dialog with the Indwelling Spirit; your guides; and connection with Universal Mind — unity thinking. Many of the greatest discoveries in science, inventions, and medical cures and treatments, have come from inner guidance when engaging in deep thinking. Whether or not you believe that those “ah-ha” moments originated in your own mind or were whispered by a celestial being is irrespective of the expression to create. The vital understanding is using your mind and taking the time to engage it in worthy activity and co-creativity. 

You will always have a need to engage the shallow thoughts to get you through the mechanics of the day, but it benefits your eternal survival and humanity collectively that you engage your mind with deeper thinking. This is how a planet moves into an enlightened era — as more and more people use their minds and access this place where inner guidance speaks — Truth, Beauty, and Goodness becomes the expression of those weightier thoughts. 

Take time today, my dear students, to think deeply about your life, your dreams, your hopes for the future — begin an inner dialog and access your own personal Socrates — the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father, and create something — solve a problem; heal a relationship; write a book; paint a masterpiece — spend quality time in your minds and live a meaningful life! 

Here for your inspiration, 
I AM Uteah.


© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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