Father God.

Through Galaxygirl.

December 23, 2019




Hello children, this is your Father God speaking.

We are in an area of rest in this ascension zone. Your Mother and I thought it was needed that we take a brief break to allow for a moment for these high energies to really settle in deep. Plus we know that this holiday season many of you are feeling frazzled and deserve a break but are unwilling to give yourself one. 

We are providing an excellent example for you that rest is not only ok when needed but an absolute necessity in some circumstances. There should be no guilt associated with rest. This concept of rest has been so warped and twisted. 

In the stillness – in the silence – then you can hear my voice more clearly. Do not succumb to the cacophony of sound all around you and have my voice be dimmed. It is in the stillness of a quiet star on a moonlight night, in the moment in between sounds there I am. 

Connect with me.


I am your Father God. Rest is not failure, it is quite the opposite. Your Mother and I couldn’t be more pleased with your progress; truly you are the ground team of the ages. You have our total and undivided support, attention and care. Allow these words of rest, of peace, of deepest soothing into you. Your Mother is better at this than I. She is the ultimate soother. And I am here to encourage you to rest, to practice self care. For if you are burned-out then you are unable to fulfill your mission as smoothly as you would enjoy and you will be disappointed later. Choose the silence of a still, quiet and contented heart. Choose a walk over a movie where they are feeding you a story. Find your story. Write your pages. Talk with me as you create. I do so love a good story.
I am your Father God. Think about the house cats that go from nap to nap. This one has a cat asleep on her lap right now. She is grounding my energies further into galaxygirl. Cats – animals – ground energies. They clear energies. They are far more awake than many of the humans that handle them. They are content with the silence and they listen to my voice. They hear their heart beat in rhythm with Mother’s, and they are at peace. Cats nap frequently. 
Let them be an example to you in this moment of integration, this space between realms. 
Listen to my voice and be comforted. Rest like the house cat. Become rejuvenated while you sleep. The human body is under previously unknown amounts of stress and strain as it morphs and integrates. We are so tremendously pleased that you are holding up so well and we have been providing tremendous amounts of light, of upgrades and of soothing energies as well so that it is more comfortable. 
You may not feel comfortable but may you remember children, that ascension in a physical body has not been done en mass while maintaining one’s life force before. And this is why you signed up for this experience. You heard the call. 
You signed up, petitioned, planned how you could be a part of this massively exciting experience. And here you are! Try to feel it as the Arcturians are frequently saying. 
They are right. 
To feel is to experience and humans have the largest capacity for feeling and therefore you chose some tough experiences to further understanding. The darkness has been dissolved. Now is the delicate moment of balance, of rest before the flash bang. 
If you are already embodying these codes of rest, of nurturing, you will be more ready. How about this? Climb in my lap and let me surround you with my strength and my Christ light for this entire experience? Splendid! Yes, that sounds perfect. 
Climb in my lap children and I promise you the best seat in the house. You already have front row seats, but now you have your own bouncer at your side. Yes. You are well protected, well loved, well supported! And this is why I came through today, to remind you to rest and to energetically clear the air about any ridiculous notion of shame around rest. No more. 
Your bodies require it to stay going. Your spirits require it to become refreshed in my voice, my presence. Let yourselves become refreshed and give yourselves the gift of inner peace, inner stillness. 
So that no mater what is rushing about you or who is clamoring for your attention you are able to see with the eyes of Source, with peace, with the stillness that comes from a balanced and secure inner world, and then in that moment, you are the master. Masters all around I see. I am brimming over with joy! Yes! Rest. I love you.
I am your Father God. It is true, I have been throwing myself into this ascension project and it is true I needed a breather as well. And now I am refreshed! Watch, be ready, ground the light, feel my presence and listen to me call your name most tenderly. Do not be afraid. No more fear, little one. 
Only love, only light awaits on the glimmering shores of Nova Gaia that beacon so beautifully and is every moment closer. When you feel this stillness you are a vibrational match for Nova Gaia. Be at peace and get ready for big changes. Changes that will bring great joy to all. You will be my hands and feet. My heart is already yours. Peace. I love you, children. You’ve got this. 
I am your Father God. Take a nap today.



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