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Posted March 16, 2020


Anakhanda sent me this on Feb 28, and I have been so involved and distracted since then with my life that it has taken me this long to get to sharing this with all of you. With Anakhanda's purity he is happy for me to be sharing it with you, no matter what the time is. After all, what is time!
February 28th, 2020

Trunada- Teacher and Councilor

Mushaba Greetings of Freedom and Empowerment, Divine Love and Oneness,

I am Trunada who is a teacher and counselor on Planet Mushaba. I hope that you will accept the information I wish to impart to you that may be of help in your greater understanding of life.

This will be a short series of teachings that are designed to assist one on their spiritual and physical journey to greater evolvement. A lot has happened and a lot is in the process of happening.  To try to understand it and make sense of it is important to each individual. It's time to truly evolve your understanding, perception and awareness of things beyond the human psyche. 

There is coming a major event that will change everything; not just on earth but with everything that had a beginning and exists everywhere. This major event is not what many of you on earth has been looking for. That so-called event is no longer on the plans as it once was. That event has been change to another kind of event that has far deeper ramifications and will be more profound than one can imagine.  It's been decided and agreed upon by beings at the highest level of existence that earth needs to have a major change so profound that it wakes up all of humanity and send the earth into its next level of evolvement.  This event is already in the early stages of coming into fruition and it will be something tangible that every eye on earth can see and every ear can hear. It's long, long, long overdue! 

As you continue to go through life and work on yourself and work on your evolvement, you sometimes wonder why things so slow are. Why do I continue to have dreams sometimes bringing up old outdated trauma and feelings and emotions that I long ago cleared and let go? Some of you wonder where is the help we were promised as humanity and as an individual being. What's the holdup you might also ask? When you experience dreams, feelings, thoughts and emotions that come up that you feel you had long gotten past, do not take it in the incorrect way. Do not look at yourself as you are not progressing or that you have failed. Understanding how the human psyche works is a bit misleading. You see, it's not just the human psyche you are dealing with. Think about this for a moment; what is your understanding of the meaning of the human psyche? 

It is said that the human psyche is the totality of the human mind that helps one to navigate through life. It is said that this involves the three levels of personality which are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. In this definition you could also say it's the identification, the ego, and the super ego. Also understand that the word psyche also represents or means the soul, mind and spirit. It is also looked at as the invisible animating entity which occupies the physical body. These are what the human definitions speak to concerning what is the human psyche. Now, there is more to this that the human understanding us not aware of as of yet. Even though they say that it represents the soul, mind and spirit, it's not clearly understood as to what that means and what this entails. Now you are stepping outside the ego's domain because it cannot comprehend anything that is not of the three dimensional world.  When you do that it affects how your mind are able to perceive things and understand things because your ego wants to interpret any perception and understanding you receive in a way that makes sense to its limited ability keeping it in the three dimensional realm of perception and understanding. What is also important to be aware of is that there is the involvement of your higher self- and there is also a higher ego. This higher ego is not the ego that is constantly being talked about in your earth realm. You see, there is a realm in the higher dimensions that is where all egos are created. Every ego on earth has a higher ego from this realm. It is also possible to change your ego allowing the higher ego to take over from your present ego. This can also be accomplished through knowing how to give your ego a new job description as is talked about in the Mushaba Book Mind Over Illusion and the training course Alchemy and Transformation by Anakhanda Mushaba.

You may wonder why is it that you work on yourself and clear yourself and it seems to be going so well then out of the blue some of what was cleared or dealt with flares back up in your mind or dreams or emotions. Why is this and where do this come from you may ask? First of all let me tell you that it takes time to completely clear your psyche from all of what you have been carrying since your very first incarnation on earth. Also it’s important to understand that timing wise; it’s different for each individual. There is no set time that it should or should not be finished. It can be an ongoing process and as it moves forward progress is being made. However, it seems that you are not making progress when these thongs begin to rear its ugly head again. You think you have failed or are having a set back and that is not the truth. Some of these traumas can be very, very deeply set in your human psyche and that means mind, soul, spirit, ego, your identification of self, your conscious, subconscious and super conscious. Then you have something else that no one really thinks about and that is it is also in your body consciousness! It’s attached to your emotions and feelings. You know that your body is full of what are called feeling tones. These feeling tones are activated by your thoughts and emotions. And as you use your emotions, it causes whatever you are experiencing to go deeper and deeper depending on the voltage of your emotions. As it goes deeper and deeper, it sets up layers upon layers of this emotional trauma. So you clear and it seems that its gone then suddenly it flares up in the many ways that it can. You need to know and clearly understand that you have not had a set back and it is not a bad thing even though it does not feel good. Don’t beat yourself up because what is taking place is that you have reach much deeper levels of release and you have to release all of these things, all of these traumas completely in order to be truly clear and allow your frequencies and vibrations to rise and move to the zero point vibration. So when you have dreams and feelings of old things past, thank them for what they have done for you. Thank them for coming up and out so they can be released from your deeper levels of your psyche. Do not hate them because that will keep them attached to you but what you Can do as we do in Mushaba and that is you can love them into submission! When you love something into submission, you are giving it the honor it deserves and the energy and power of love that dissolves all of the darkness and the pain and the trauma from these emotions and dreams and free them to transform and become something else much higher. I know you are very tired of things coming up over and over but you must understand that this is how deep they were in your psyche and how deep they were in your body consciousness and others parts of yourself. It’s not just as simple as clearing the soul or the spirit. It takes more like as in the Ultimate Makers of Clearing which covers all of it. You can work on clearing your soul and spirit and body consciousness and mind and emotional self and mental self and your psyche etc. etc. Either way it works eventually to where all these various traumas that comes up are all gone for good!

I’d like to return again if you will have me. There is so much I wish to share with my family of earth. You are in for a powerful surprise. If it takes place before my return I will rejoice for all of you. If it does not then I will rejoice in sharing more information with you that can be of assistance to you in your life.



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