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daily inspiration 26 june 2019.

With a new eclipse season about to begin the incoming energy is electrifying our lives making life interesting and challenging in equal measure. The flow of incoming energy is moving very quickly and our greatest task right now is to fully anchor and stabilise ourselves within it. As we do so we reconnect with our true soul self which helps us to full embrace our earthly existence.

It is important to remember that your soul is now your primary source of inspiration, wisdom and guidance. The you access your soul consciousness the easier it becomes to be in the flow of life, to cultivate stillness and to observe how creation is unfolding before you without the need to control and manipulate. This is the path of balance, which will naturally align you with right action. As a result the steps you need to take will miraculously appear within your daily life. Begin to see the world as your playground where everything that you require is accomplished with ease.
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