Brenda Hoffman.

Channeled Message,


on December 21, 2019

Dear Ones,
You no longer need to follow the directives of others, nor do you want to. Of course, there will be times when you ignore your inner-directives to create joy for others. Such is to be expected for you are becoming one. But mostly, you will not pretend you are who you are not.

You are entering the new year with a sense of rightness in your world despite perhaps some discomfort. For you are discovering your true inner-power beginning with your actions and sensations.

You know if you are in the right place by the sensations you feel. Exhaustion, heaviness, or any similar discomfort is your indication that you are not where you wish to be. In contrast, a sense of fun, laughter, or happiness means you are in your comfort/joy zone.

Perhaps you believe that you have always experienced such. We beg to differ. Most often, you ignored your feelings of discomfort for the sake of others. Now you will act on those uncomfortable feelings despite what others want.

So it is the world is becoming as one, despite the seeming belligerence of all. In the past, oneness or sameness was based on what society dictated. Now your inner-being is creating your oneness. Because all are tuned to self-love and love, this new oneness is much like the variety of songs birds produce. Each bird has a unique sound that seems not to mesh with another bird – until it does to create the most glorious harmony. You do not think, “I like that bird’s song, but not that bird’s song, so only one bird should create a sound.” Instead, you cherish the harmonies of different bird species creating a harmonious whole.

So it shall be for humanity. Unique individuals loving themselves enough to create their tapestry thread, knowing that their thread is as important and harmonious as any other.

No longer will you need to fit in, for you will relish your uniqueness.

Of course, there will be those trying to force you into their little box of rightness. You no longer fit. Nor are you willing to do so for the sake of others. You will be a loving individual, but not at the expense of yourself.

A question you might have is what will society look like, with all expressing a uniqueness that cannot yet be described. Your society will no longer be gray. Your new society will be multi-colored and vibrant, with each individual creating experiences that give them joy.

Which is more common to your earth being than you realize. For when you were infants, your expressions and actions were yours. As you become part of society, you tailored your joy to what was expected by others. Most likely, hitting the highest point of social expectations somewhere in your teen years. Of course, there were many other examples in 3D, including the workplace and family functions. But on the whole, as you aged, you decreased the amount of sameness you expected from yourself. So it is that new you is a combination of your infant knowingness and your senior wisdom.

Neither age bracket disrupted society. And so it will be for you from now on.

You are free. In the next few days, you will begin displaying your new you being. For unbeknownst to you, you have changed more rapidly than you anticipated. Even though there are a few more energy bursts before the end of 2019, you have already begun adapting to new you in ways that cannot be described. Just know you will be more belligerent than you anticipate when others try to force you back into your social box of rightness. Even though you will not necessarily discuss your new thoughts with others, your actions may surprise you.

Allow yourself to be. For you have finally found your true being despite the heaviness of 3D earth. You are initiating the harmonies that will be the new earth song heard by the Universes, by those now of the earth wishing to hear, and your inner-being. You are truly new.
So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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