The Wisdom of No Escape:

 Astrology Forecast July 14th – 21st 2019.

By Lorna Bevan

Guest writer for Wake Up World.

July 14th, 2019. 


Originally published at and reproduced here with permission.
A heads up! This astrology means business and permanent, irrevocable endings. On Monday the energy turns heavy as the Sun opposes Pluto just before the Lunar Eclipse on July 16 2019 at 24° Capricorn.
The eclipse seismic shock window is active between July 13-19 but the karmic eclipse ripples will continue to reverberate through your life wherever you have 22-26 degrees Capricorn until the next eclipse in December in 6 months. The last eclipse on this degree was July 16 2000 – think back to what ended around that time.

The Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto square Disruptor Eris and opposite Venus/Node of Fate/Sun in Cancer. It pre-figures the epochal January 12 2020 exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction and lunar eclipse, intensifying this powerful cycle of Collapse and Contraction – with a capital C. Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron are all retrograde, excavating old issues for resolution. This is a potentially uncomfortable wild card eclipse delivering unwelcome reality checks by changing circumstances and relationships around you so you have no option but to face issues head on. It suggests a missed step somewhere along the line
With the Great Eliminator being occulted, you enter the burning fields. This is the time when anything false is likely to get forcefully deconstructed. Pluto resonates with all things absolute, either absolute light or absolute darkness. It can feel as if a part of you is being extinguished.
Pluto Keywords: evolutionary burn; alchemy; power; Truth; soma and psyche; transformation; loss, elimination; death; impermanence; resurrection; regeneration; re-birth
Pluto’s symbol is the circle of Spirit being cooked in the crucible or transformed in the Grail so the more you collaborate with the process, the faster you move through it.
Let go of old ideas about who you are as you witness the end of many of your previous creations, roles, labels, careers, alliances and belief systems. You are not failing, you are not dying – you are re-orienting.
Aries Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in your career or public image. Ask yourself: Am I aligning my personal mission with who I am in the world? Do I act out of authenticity or expediency? Is what I do congruent with my core values and if not, why not? Is my ladder up against the wrong tree and what can I do about it? Am I doing this work, offering this service for the money or do I want to leave behind a legacy? Expect sudden re-arrangement of circumstances outside your control to open up new possibilities by removing you from situations that you’ve long outgrown.

Finding a meaningful role.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in your angle of communication and connection. Your world view, your belief system and your inner mental circuitry are all out of date and need shaking up. Your old ways of thinking are no longer getting you where you need to be. Before the eclipse does it for you, upgrade your networks, then develop your one to one skills of rapport and empathy. You need to expand your horizons – literally and metaphorically -by teaching, mentoring, learning something that makes you think. Expect to encounter people who challenge all your assumptions about how the world works.

Inside Out Thinking.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost financially. Are you insecure? How strong are your personal foundations? How well are you managing your money and resources? Do you have reserves? Are you underestimating the market value of your own skills and talents? This Plutonic wild card eclipse is a reminder that the only constant is change and that you create your own sense of safety and security in the world. How can you package your gifts and personal resources to add value for both for others and for yourself? This eclipse opens doors where none existed before-will you walk through them?

Everything starts with self-belief.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in your relationships. Two weeks’ ago, July 2nd’s New Moon eclipse in your own sign started a new cycle of self-care, building sanctuary and support, now this Plutonic eclipse in Capricorn eliminates outworn contracts-both personal and professional. People may leave, different people arrive. Relationships end or new ones begin. No matter how it plays out, underneath it all is a need for you re-balance your personal dynamics. Are you overly co-dependent or overly independent? Is trust or control an issue for you? Are your closest relationships keeping pace with who you are today or are they keeping you small? Which contracts need either re-negotiating or ending?

Expressing a new way of being in the world.

Leo Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in how you care for your body/mind/spirit. It’s time to delete certain habits, practices or routines before they lead to a crisis in your health or wellbeing. And with eliminator Pluto behind you, you have the willpower and determination to finally overcome toxic or self-sabotaging behaviours. An important part of this healing is becoming a human being instead of a human doing. Ask yourself: where in my life am I acting against my own interests? What habits am I tolerating in myself that I would not accept from others? How can I clear the river of my own ecology-my food, my exercise, my friendships, my work/life balance?

Your wellbeing is the foundation on which everything else rests.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in your angle of self-expression. It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and explore more interesting avenues of creativity. It’s time to claim your authentic voice and put yourself out there to be seen and heard. With Pluto behind you, find the determination to ignore old fears about being rejected or ridiculed for what you have to offer. This eclipse will catalyse a whole series of creative births as it ripples out over the next 6 months. Ask yourself: Where am I not feeling what I feel, knowing what I know, saying what I believe or doing what feels most right? I f I spoke my truth, what would I say, how would I say it and who is my audience?

Sharing from your heart and soul.

Libra Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in the foundations of your life. Pluto occulted in your 4th House- womb and the tomb-is excavating and bringing into the light of day your ancestral inheritance along with all your imprinted beliefs and rules left over from childhood .Questions arise such as: “Where do I belong, who is my family and do I truly feel at home where I am now?”. Changing dynamics at home with a partner or children will get your attention. You might need to re-balance time spent at work and time spent at home. Expect situations to shift around you and be ready to create a way of life that fits who you are becoming, not who you used to be.

Your sanctuary is your inner resilience.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost across your 3rd and 9th Houses of perception and expansive growth, revealing via circumstances beyond your control, where your beliefs and worldview are inaccurate or misleading. Your inner map, inner GPS and mental circuitry need updating. Eclipses in the 3rd House of connection bring events that shine a spotlight on your blindsides so you have no choice but to make changes. You may need to upgrade your communication skills to be able to create rapport with whoever you come across. Anything that expands your horizons-travel, study, meeting new people, teaching, writing-has the potential to bring you the new information you need.

Deliberately shake up your belief system.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in your financial zone. If you’ve been ignoring problems by denial or hiding your head in the sand, Pluto conjunct the eclipse is about to deliver an ultimatum that can’t be ignored. Ask yourself: Where am I out of integrity?
What’s chronic, repetitive, or inflamed in my financial dealings? What needs to be cleaned up so I can be free to do and offer my best work in the world? Which patterns need eliminating so I can build security? This is a wonderful opportunity to take stock then re-align your monetary goals with your purpose. If you step up, Pluto’s gift to you is the utter determination and willpower to plug leaks, drop toxic habits and create more personal security.

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” Maya Angelou.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in your 1st House of Self Identity. Circumstances beyond your control will re-arrange themselves, shining a spotlight on your personal style and persona. Other people will act as a reflecting mirror, prompting you to think about questions such as: Does my style and approach to life reflect who I am now or is it a relic of childhood? How is it working or not working for me in my personal and professional relationships? Is how I see myself at odds with how others see me? Do I create win/lose or win/win relationships? With eliminator Pluto conjunct this eclipse in Capricorn, which habits or behaviours need to go?

Your tribe is your echo chamber, so choose carefully.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in the deepest most hidden part of your chart. This is the engine room where your unconscious desires, drives and defence mechanisms live. With the God of Change Pluto as your guide in this otherworld, it’s time to begin to excavate your deepest longings. Key themes that emerge are the need to retreat, to develop your spiritual consciousness, to pay attention to your night time dreams, to understand that you have reached the end of a cycle and are shedding an old outgrown identity. Over the next 6 months to December’s eclipse, open, allow and soften so that the butterfly of a different future can emerge from the chrysalis in its own time.

Encountering completely unknown aspects of yourself.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: July 14-21, 2019
At Tuesday’s eclipse, your karmic chickens are coming home to roost in your angle of values, goals and priorities. So much of what you lived your life by up to now is being eliminated, deleted or shown to be irrelevant that it’s time to update your inner map. Are you still focusing on goals that you set years ago? Have the goalposts moved? Do you know what your core values are and are you living your life around them or just paying them lip service? Are you putting your most authentic self out there and standing behind your ideas and creations? Eclipses are cosmic wild cards that bring opportunities where there were none before-what are yours and will you seize them with both hands? This is all about seeing the world as an enormous web of connection and plugging yourself and your gifts into it.

 A creative re-birth.
About Lorna Bevan M.A., MAPAI:
Variously described as a visioneer, a creative disruptor, a life guide and a change maker, my passion is to blend the tools of Visionary Astrology and Transformational Coaching to help you to connect with your inner world so that you can transform your outer world. Through my practice, Hare In the Moon, I combine the ancient art of astrology with the modern art of personal coaching to offer clients all over the world a unique mix consultations and coaching services. I work with clients around the world by phone and email, tailoring my Astrology Coaching to each unique individual or business I work with.
I’m a qualified Psychological Astrologer, Jungian Psychotherapist and Master NLP Coach, and I’m currently taking a Master’s Degree in Analytical Astrology. I’ve had a varied career as a Modern Languages Teacher, a Management Development Consultant, a Counselling Clinician at Personal Performance Consulting Worldwide, a Personal and Career Coach and Psychotherapist, and former Consultant Astrologer for The Sunday Times Magazine.
You can pick up my e-book “Bringing Your Astrology into the 21st Century: The 5D Planets” here.
Make sure your satnav, map or inner compass is working well.

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