The vision for Global Peace, Abundance, Fulfillment and Oneness is a Great One...

A Message to Lightworkers 

Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

March 13th, 2020


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.
We see several things occurring now which may be difficult for many of you who telepathically pick up on others’ thoughts and emotional energies.
This may also pose a challenge to the many of you who, in your increasing evolvement, are able to pick up on the goings on of governments, populations, and the inner, unconscious reactions to events now occurring around the planet.
We would say, allow yourself to feel the emotions of uncertainty and unsureness now, even moments of fear and stress, before releasing them into the Light.
You may have heard on our latest Abundance Call, that many will have the impulse now to squash emotion and to deny it, because the resonance of fear or panic is something they deem as “unspiritual” or “unbefitting” a Light Bearer and Way-Shower.
We do absolutely understand that your standard for your own emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and overall resonance and vibration has never been higher.
The vision you hold now for a humanity that lives in an atmosphere of individual and global Peace, Abundance, fulfillment, and Oneness is a great one, and we join you in celebrating such.
We would only point out the many hundreds of lives you have lived on this a low-vibrational planet, over many thousands of years.
For the vast majority of those lives, Survival was your main interest.
Life on Earth was not only challenging and unsure. It was chaotic and untenable in many respects, in many places, for a very long time.
So that the very cells of your body have (until the recent powerful influxes of Light now reaching the planet), been tuned mainly attuned to struggle and fear of loss or death.
As you see reports on your news programs and speak with others about a virus that your officials claim has no cure (though all illness is curable), your survival mechanisms leap into action.
These send warning signals throughout your mind and body, telling you to run and hide, fight the assailant, or freeze with shock or panic.
This flight-fight-freeze reaction is well-known to you as being the opposite of the centered calm that humanity is increasingly moving into.
Yet many are succumbing to these early and middle Earth age human reactive moments, as if this were the only sensible way to behave.
The pressure that fear and panic put on the body mean that the stores of nutrition, inner coping mechanisms, and physical endurance must fly to those parts of the body and emotions most in need of assistance.
This is extra stress that you do not need in a time when extra rest, vitamin C and D, pure nano-silver, and pure food and water are called for, while outer and inner stresses are not.
We assure you that there are higher forms of help now occurring on Earth to assist in keeping this illness from reaching even the lower stages of a pandemic.
And that you assist those efforts as you envision these helpers being successful in their work, and envision yourself and all around you, and all around the world, remaining healthy and calm, at Peace and assured that All Is Well.
Is this the simplest assignment you have ever been given, Light Bringer?
No, certainly not.
Yet this is the life in which you have decided to dispense with your accumulated density altogether—to release the density which you have retained from all your other Earth lives, and from this life.
Again, this is not the simplest or most unchallenging task one could think of.
And yet—it is what you and many millions of others chose as your path before incarnating, as you knew that in the process of releasing the survival fear and panic reaction—of coming out of ego, personality, and smaller self, you would then begin to resonate all the more powerfully with your true, authentic, and higher self.
We do not make light of what you experience now, dear ones.
We are aware that many of you are re-experiencing the fear you felt during a plague or other disaster in other Earth lives.
Consider that as you establish inner calm in your quiet time each morning—meditating, sending forth prayers and petitions, spending time in Nature, emptying your mind of all thoughts, and speaking with your Spirit team—that you are anchoring that calm for many thousands living in the areas all around you, and beyond.
Consider that you are calming Earth’s energies, dispersing dense frequencies and entities—sending all into the Light where they may heal and transform, or transmute to a whole higher form of themselves.
And consider that your courage in that and every respect rings in the highest planes of Spirit for all to celebrate—that nothing is lost, and nothing is at risk, in the greater sense.
We send our Love, dear ones, knowing you shall rise not only above the current frequencies you now navigate, but all that remains of third dimensional Earth, as you willingly and quite consciously help create the fifth dimensional one.
You stand upon the precipice not of disaster, but of a New Earth. Rest your mind and heart upon that.
Image the beauty of that!
Remember Who you are, and how completely you are Loved.
Stand tall now.
You are every day more and more living upon a New Earth, one freed of all the shocks and pressures you now live under—Free at last!
Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.
Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2020.

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