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April 22, 2020.




Dearest Citizens of Earth who are so used to judging everything through your eyes. You believe that what you see is real. You believe that what you cannot physically see is Unreal.
Yet if you walk past a field of wheat on a windy day, you will see the Visible Unseen. You will hear the wind, and you will not see it, but you will Know it is there. You will be completely convinced of its existence because you can See the rippling waves of wheat, and you can feel it on your skin.
This is an awe-inspiring and moving sight to behold – the unseen in motion. This is but a simple example: how much more remains invisible to you, despite the possibility of viewing its effects everywhere and in every moment. The whole of creation is the effect of the workings of the Divine Mind.
These are physical facts presented before your eyes, yet you do not comprehend the source or the motivation. The motivation of creation is to strive and grow, as you yourselves are meant to strive, moving ever forwards, accumulating knowledge and – more importantly – wisdom which can be applied in any situation.
One of the most profound realisations is that the unseen is ever present, inside and around ourselves, irrespective of whether we are wandering through nature, going about our daily work, or whether we are closeted at home in a confined environment, as many of you presently are.
This lack of movement on a physical level does not mean that there is necessarily a lack of movement on the internal level. It merely means that you have more time and opportunity to discover it.
We know that many are suffering mentally (if not physically) during the present lockdown. We – the celestial hierarchy – are supportive of this situation (and are monitoring it closely) because it encourages thoughts about the origins of all things, about the primary cause of all motion, about your spiritual origin, about the way in which you too are like the wind.
Your thoughts and actions are this wind, affecting all else, never disappearing, just moving on. Will you turn inwards, children of earth, and discover your worth? Will you discover the golden fields which you have created? And they are golden, even if they appear to be dross, for they are worth their learning potential in gold.
We would ask you to treasure this period of stillness (Those of you who are not involved in emergency situations), for Divine Timing has provided it for your present growth before the bell rings.
The bell will ring at the end of the lesson. Then it will be time for a break while the “teachers” discuss which subject you will be taking next.
Do not underestimate this very important period; the process is taking place on a global scale, and is unprecedented, as is the evil which preceded it, and the bounteous abundance which will follow. We wish you strength through this final stage.

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