The veil is becoming thinner and thinner.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

May 5th, 2020.



Greetings My Dear Ones,

I am Mahatma Gandhi and I am so pleased to be here.
I was waiting for a long time for the opportunity to come and communicate to humanity. I am very happy to have that chance to express my gratitude and my love to everyone on this planet, Mother Earth. It has been a long time since I walked and talked on Earth, not very long compared to other Ascended Masters, but it’s my pleasure and my respect to all of you that I can come here today and send my message to all of you.
When I was walking and living on Mother Gaia I was fighting for freedom from enslavement for my people. My people and everyone else right now are going through similar situation that I experienced during my lifetime. You are now fighting for your freedom with big forces who have been keeping you enslaved for a very long time by not letting you know who you are and what is the truth. Today, things are so much different compared to the time when I was experiencing the human life, at that time I didn’t even know myself about the existence of these Dark Forces. I only knew that deep inside my heart I wanted to be free and for my nation to be free.
I am so happy that I came here today, because I can help lead everyone who will hear my message and anyone who wants to follow my lead to freedom, prosperity, happiness and serenity, your welcome to listen and experience that freedom with me. Yes, the times are different, but the situation is very similar, humanity wants to and needs to become free, because more and more people are getting awaken. It’s becoming easier and easier to send messages from our side, our side you call that here behind the veil. The veil is becoming thinner and thinner especially since your receiving a lot of high energies that are send to you by everyone who wants you to become free and happy.
I decided to enjoy this ride to freedom by helping you to get more awake and follow my lead. As you know I was always a fighter, but I was always fighting in a peaceful manner, I never believed that fighting with the sword would bring freedom, and I believe only in fighting without the sword is the best way. I understand that all of you are going through hard times now, you are scared for your life, your confused and you don’t know what to expect in the near future. I am Gandhi, I can tell you one thing, don’t worry everything is going to work out even if it seams right now so uncertain, unfair and it’s scary. It is only temporary, the light will comeback as it always does, and I am happy to see that this freedom is coming to you. The freedom to become a new happy civilization who has been enslaved for many, many thousands of years.
It’s my pleasure and honor to become your support and guide to go and experience the finish line for everyone on this planet. I am so pleased and happy to help, guide and support my nation and the rest of the nations in the world. I am proud of my nation which went through a lot and is still going through a lot of different things. In this chaotic situation, I believe and I have faith in humanity that they will overcome this big obstacle, I seen how people can unite and help each other in difficult situations. This is why I am looking forward to and I know that all of these experiences what people are going through right now will unite everyone around the globe, it will bring peace, understanding and respect for each other.
My presence here is to become your guide and teacher to share my wisdom with all of you and my experiences from the other side to help you understand each other and to be more kind and loving to each other. Please remember, the human life at this moment has been very short, and we forget how precious moments can be, and how wonderful it is to able to take a deep breath and smell the flowers, feel the nature, listen to the birds and watch the sunset or sunrise, it’s all of these little things and all the scenery are so precious. I know you have been having hard times for many years, now and it’s sometimes so hard to pay attention to these little events and little moments in your life, but this is coming to an end.
As I said before, the finish line is very close, everyone is working to help you as much as they can from the other side to bring this New Age what everyone is talking about The New Age for Gaia, New Age for Mother Earth and New Age for humanity. Humanity is going to become very happy and prosperous, it’s everything what they need is here, you don’t need to look too far, but it was taken away from everyone by the Negative Forces, who didn’t want the people and nations to be happy and live in peace. All they always wanted was to control us or that we control each other.
This is why, when I was on journey here, I traveled and lived in South Africa and studied in England and then I went to my beloved India, I saw how unfair the system was towards people, and I couldn’t not live and tolerate what was happening to my beloved nation and I seen other nations suffering too, but because my background at that time was related to my India, I gave my life to it and I don’t regret any moment. It was my joy and pride to help people see their freedom, so at this moment, I call all the nations and all the people around the world to unite and help each other to receive and see the light, so all of us can experience a new life without poverty, hunger and without torture.
Some of you know and are aware that a lot of children in this world have been kidnapped and tortured in the tunnels around the globe under the cities and sacrificed and killed. I am happy to let you know that’s it’s true the children have been rescued, and they are continued to be rescued by amazing people, you call them here special forces who keep bringing these children home by bringing them back to this world and helping them to see the light again, because they were robbed from everything they had, from their parents, their life and from everything else what they could experience.
My dear ones, I am so happy and I can’t express my joy seeing and experiencing that a lot of you are awake and are helping each other to see the light. I understand and I am aware that Prime Creator came and gave a message with some hard truth, but please understand we love all of you, we would never want to harm any of you, if we give a little advice or send a message, it’s because we want you to see and understand why and what it is happening to you. You living your lives here and you sometimes are so consumed with it that your not able to see the real truth. We don’t want you to think that we look down on you and don’t understand what your going through, we do understand. I was here and the times were rough, very rough. I went many, many times to jail and I know how human rights were violated at that time, and they are still being violated today in some countries.
I am here as an Ambassador of Light and Love, and I am here to help you, nurture you and lead you to a new life. I am so grateful and proud of all you and I can’t forget about my nation also. I call my nation, because this the life I had in my last life. My dear beloved India, I am so proud of you, you did amazing, amazing work. I understand you still have poverty and some people are still dying from hunger, but everything is going to change just trust yourselves and trust everyone else. I love you my dear ones, I always will, your my family and the same thing I can say about the rest of humanity.
I am so happy to be here and I am looking forward to more messages that I can deliver to all of you. Today, I am grateful to be here, because it was my blessing to be able to come and be channeled, I hope you will be grateful and happy to hear from me, Gandhi, who was always the fighter and will be always fighting for freedom in a peaceful way. I am sending you all my light and love to all of you and please love each other, support each other and stay safe and be healthy.
I am Gandhi and I was grateful to be here.

Thank you

Erena Velazquez

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