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Via Sharon Stewart

Posted February 2nd, 2020 by Staffan.

Ashtar Sheran: “It was difficult to ask some to go to be the energy holders on a dying planet, however you volunteered and the universe and all within her thank you.”

I am Archangel Michael, Divine Warrior of the Light, at your service.

Yes, we must keep restating this over and over: you are not doing your work alone. We are always with you, by your side, helping you walk through the lower densities until you rise again to see the Truth of the Light.

We stand by you, we watch over you, we protect you until you can protect yourselves. We are your guardians, your servants and your guides, those forces of the LIght that have come to earth with you to love and protect you as you walk your difficult paths.

I was with Sharon and have been all her life, fending off the dark as it attacked her again and again, while she was aware of who she is and while she wasn’t. I was there, Hieronymous and Jerimul, her principality and her throne, were there for her. Always holding her hand as she walked towards the Light and out of the darkness.

The dark had plans for her, as it does for all of you, to descend her into the depths of its hell and yet she has persevered and has triumphed over the dark in her life. I came to her one night, as she worked through her dark night of the soul, and stood watch over her and kept the demons of Hell away from her, allowing her to transmute her pain. She didn’t know who I was, but I knew who she is, and that is all that’s important to we, the servants of God.

We love you as our own children. We love you for the work that you do and the goodness that you are.

We care for you as we care for ourselves. No harm will come to you. This is not God’s plan – to have you harmed. That is the plan of the dark. Align with the Light and the dark cannot touch you.

Your world is turning now, turning around to face the Light of the sun, not the darkness of your moon. You will rise up and rebalance this planet as it has never known. The heavens will sing songs of glory as we do now at your triumphs.

Do not fear. Fear is the enemy. Find a reason to love all and send a message to them. Love is all there is. There is nothing else.

I remain, Archangel Michael

I love you all. Call on me and my forces when you are in need of us.

Sharon Stewart

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