The True Story of David Icke.

By Joe Martino,

July 4th, 2019. 





I first heard of David Icke back in 2008... just 6 to 8 months before I started CE.

At the time, the two prominent figures in the 'truth space' I knew about were Alex Jones and David Icke.. the thing was, Alex was too angry for my liking, so David seemed a lot more grounded and that was what I needed.

David's work was part of my early journey of exploring and confirming so many secrets about our world and how it functions that I felt and saw growing up.. secret societies, manipulation, agendas and so forth.. all of it resonated with me.. even the extraterrestrial connection.

His level of knowledge and how well he explained many difficult concepts.. and that fact he spoke about consciousness... all of this was important to me.

Then as I entered the space myself, after creating Collective Evolution... and I started to notice something about this space that was evident...

People are very quick to throw someone out simply because they say one thing they don't agree with... and because David says some controversial things.. he fell victim to that..

But the truth is, and one thing I've always deeply admired about David Icke, he has stuck through some of the most intense public shaming I have ever seen.. never veering, changing his message or stopping his work...

And this is just a small part of why his story is incredibly fascinating and why his work has been paramount to waking up many, many people in this world.

the good news is, you can now deeply connect with his story in a brand new film about The Real Life Story of David Icke... It's called Renegade.

You can watch the movie here, or check out the trailer here... it's truly inspiring, especially if you feel inspired to help change our world.

Ep. 19 - What To Do If The News Upsets You

This one is important.. and we do get asked this question a lot so in this episode, I'm gonna dive deep into it.
The truth is, it's one thing to become obsessed and entrenched in news and have it overtake your life... it's a whole other thing to be aware of going on in the world and not let it determine your emotional state.
The challenge many seem to be working through is that hearing about something in our world can bring us down into an emotional state, so we try to avoid learning about it... but this doesn't always serve us...
So in this episode, I'll talk in detail about why it's important to process what goes on in our world, and how we can learn about ourselves while paying attention to how we react to events that take place. 

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