The time of enslavement is coming to the end.

Azure Dragon [Meng Zhang].

Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

April 10th, 2020.


I am Azure Dragon,
I have been called a Blue Green Dragon, Meng Zhang, I am one of the Ancient ones, which is the God Dragon that represents the essence of Spring and protective abilities. I am here to greet and communicate to humanity. I think humanity needs some guidance and advice. They are now in turmoil and scared for their lives. I came here to help and protect the human civilization with my magical powers and not let the people of Earth be destroyed.
I am Azure Dragon and I have been living for many thousands of years. 

I am one of the God Dragons, who has a lot of magical abilities, which I will use to protect humanity and help to bring a new beginning to the planet. 

As of right now, we know people are fighting for their lives, because somebody dropped and released a virus to kill the humans. 

That virus will just suddenly disappear in the future the same way it came. Everyone should stay calm and try to follow the rules implicated by the government for now. 

It doesn’t mean everything your government says is good and true. There is a lot of misconception and lies going on through the mass media. They are not telling the whole story on what’s going on with the public. Like, why are so many people are dying and what is really causing this. 

Is this just only from the virus or that their immune system is compromised or is it, because they are dying from something else. It’s a lot of confusion purposely created by the media without facts.
The media was never standing on the side of the humans. They have always been on the dark side pushing their agenda on humanity. 

Now, the time is coming, when the news media will need to tell only the truth, they won’t be able to get away with their lies anymore. 

I am not saying that people are not leaving their physical bodies, yes they are leaving their physical bodies, but their are not dying. 

They are ascending, what does that mean, that means there is no death. You know that deep inside your soul, this is true, but you are forgetting that the news media and the people in power were never on your side. 

You also, forgot that you are magical beings yourselves like the dragons, you have magical abilities inside you, but your powers have been put to sleep by the Dark Forces, who used all their fear tactics, all this misbeliefs, and all these things they try to put on you to control you. 

Like they have done for thousands of years. Oh, lets say about 350,000 years, I think, it’s been long enough that humanity has been enslaved and did what it has been told to do.

I came here today, because I want for the people on Earth to start listening and paying attention to their surroundings and question everything they hear from anyone and anywhere. 

They also need to be still, and this is the perfect time to be still and to do your daily meditation. You know this from other Ascended Masters and other beings from Galactic civilizations, who have been telling you that you need to meditate, meditate and meditate and pay attention, look at your surroundings and question your masters. 

Yes, I am calling them your masters, because you follow them with blind faith. Nobody said to follow them because they are your leaders, they are in charge of you, and because they have more money than you, it doesn’t mean that you have less rights than them. 

You have the same rights, they made everything here to be this way, because it’s convenient and wonderful for them. Has humanity been happy, we say no, they work the jobs they hate, they pay all these bills every month and what do they get in return, very little. Do they feel happy, no.

The time of enslavement is coming to the end. This is why we all need to unite, the human race right now, when they are facing this huge scare, they actually forgot about wars. They are actually trying to help each other by sending to each other technology, equipment and whatever they can, because they understand and feel compassion for each other, which they forgot to do in their daily lives. It’s sad that this needed to happen for the virus event to make them see and be more compassionate. It was not necessary, but it was done on purpose, so now it’s time for the whole humanity to wake up.
You had a successful Saturday meditation, you succeeded in big numbers on who were meditating together on the same day. You opened new energies of 5D, which are flowing right now and surrounding Earth with it’s healing energies, you just need to tune into and start feeling, what that energy can do to you and how it can help you with your healing, because the virus can’t effect you, if you stay in a high vibration. 

Yes, you may carry the virus on you, but it doesn’t mean you will become sick. The only way you can do this by always being in a high vibration, by being still and listening to the guidance that comes from your soul. Also, doing meditation even for a short time, being grateful for everything you have, for the little things and sending love and light to your neighbor and everyone who surrounds you, that will also bring you up in vibrations. You will end up in high vibrations, where the virus can’t touch you.
I am an Ancient Dragon and I know what I am saying is the truth and you know this too. I came here and I will be flying around Mother Gaia watching and helping out by sending my healing and protective energies. 

I am also the Dragon who represents the essence of Spring and Spring is here now. I am so happy that I could come and deliver this message, because I know you need to hear from us, from all us, there is a lot of us, the Ascended Masters. There are many of us on the other side and we care and love humanity, but we feel humanity is still in the infant stage. They still need to learn a lot and I am the one who learned through many thousand of years, what is wisdom and what is love and light means, when we send it out and express it to each other, and what healing powers it has.
It’s understandable right now that the whole world is still, everyone is suppose to stay home and do the little things, they need to do and follow what they have been told to do, but it doesn’t mean you need to be slave, it means you need to use your commonsense, we call it commonsense, we the God Dragons. I am not the only one Dragon, today I am just one, Azure one. I am here to tell you that other Dragons are also watching out for you, they are here around the planet sending their wisdom and healing energies to Mother Earth to help and heal the human civilization, who are scared right now and don’t know what the future will bring to them.
Please don’t panic, a new life is coming to you. You understand that you will never go back to your old ways of life again, it’s not possible anymore. The world needs to change no matter what anybody would say or what the dark light would want to do. Their plan never worked and it will never work again. In the meantime, you need to do your work too, this way you can go and do what you need to do to help everyone reach the 5th dimension and leave the 3D reality behind, so you can get your new body, your crystalline body, which is waiting for you, the 5D body. Continue to learn and absorb wisdom from your Ascended Masters, from all of us, we’re here to help and assist you.
I am sending my love, my magical healing powers and light to all of you. I was grateful to be here. I am Azure Dragon Meng Zhang, who loves and cares for you.
Thank you

Erena Velazquez

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