The time has arrived.

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via Marilyn Raffaele.

February 23, 2020.

Welcome all readers,

The time has arrived in which those who are ready are being guided to let go of all remaining concepts about how everything is or must to be in order to be correct and acceptable–all, not just the not so important ones.  Good concepts are just as illusory as the bad ones, both must be seen through.  No matter how comfortable or efficiently some concepts may of served you in the past, many can no longer do it because you have changed.

As individual consciousness evolves and begins to resonate with a higher frequency, much that resonated in the previous state of consciousness automatically shifts out of alignment.  Many of you are discovering that favorite books, movies, friends, foods, even employment and much more that up to now have been satisfying facets of your life have suddenly begun to feel boring and empty, you no longer find satisfaction in them.

Allow the things that no longer resonate to fade away no matter how important they may have once seemed or may still be to those around you.  This can take courage for usually these things– events, beliefs, systems of functioning, and activities involve others–family traditions, business, church etc.

Letting go of that which no longer resonates with you need not be overt rejection which can easily slip into an ego exercise.  Rather, simply, silently, and without fan-fare allow these things to gradually and gently fade out of your life without assigning power for good or bad to them.  This does not mean you must no longer engage in an activities that once worked for you and may still be important to those around  you, but rather engage if you choose but without attaching importance and necessity.

Ideas, projects, life issues more in alignment with your expanding consciousness will replace many of the things now fading away because everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the third dimension is a material  concept of its underlying spiritual reality–you cannot make something out of nothing.   Vehicles of transportation are actually Divine Omnipresence materially interpreted.  A home is actually Consciousness. Therefore the Divine reality will always re-appear on  new and higher levels if not blocked by false concepts and beliefs.

This is a process that does not take place over night.  Never think you have failed if you find yourself in the midst of some physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual dilemma.  Old and finished  energy is flowing up and out for everyone–the un-awakened as well as the awakened.  Allow it to flow out, addressing any accompanying issues as needed.  Try not to claim these energies as being yours personally.  They may seem to be, but can never really be for constitute the illusion having no law to maintain or sustain them.
Stop fighting, struggling,  or attempting to get things back to the way they once were whether  through learned metaphysical techniques  or through the three dimensional belief system.

Allow the I that you now know you are to express, trusting that IT can only express ITSelf as ITSelf which is and forever has been infinite wholeness completeness, harmony, abundance, safety, security etc.

God is and this is all you can ever know about God until God  reveals ITself to you.  It is an exercise in futility to believe one can know what God is with the human mind.  A finite mind cannot and will never comprehend an infinite God regardless of how many articles,  experts, or religious leaders expound about having done it.  Up to the point where God reveals ITSelf to you, simply know that God is–period.

Spiritual evolution is the gradual process of moving though and beyond the accumulated layers of  illusion that overlay personal and collective awareness.  This all happened over a long period of time and through many lifetimes lived in third dimensional frequencies that created collective alignment with those energies rather than with the higher frequencies of Light left behind when incarnating.

Clearing is simply the dissolving of those energies still sustaining and maintaining the shadow appearances and is individual.   You are quickly evolving to new states of awareness and the high frequency energy is why clearing has become intense for some at this time. It is like shining a bright light into a dark room where much that was not seen before is suddenly exposed.

Alignment with duality and separation caused each to accumulate and store in cellular memory  intense experiences of both good and bad from each lifetime until at some point every individual begins seeking for “more”.  This is the meaning of the bible story that tells how Adam and Eve were forced out of Eden through their act of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Some of you are suffering intense physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual discord at this time.  Allow…  Trust…You are learning to let go of the need to  struggle for control over everything.  The mind is confused.   It is trying to help you through what it knows but is limited, offering solutions based in the collective belief system as well as in the metaphysical knowledge you accumulated through years of study leading up to this point.  Metaphysical knowledge is an important part of the journey for most, but must never be considered the end point.

Let go of trying to figure everything out and then heal, change, or fix it.  Nothing needs fixing or healing.  Allow your real Divine Self to be your reality without feeling that you need not tell it how.  This is an extremely difficult process for those who are used to being efficient, organized problem solvers.   The temptation remains to take charge,  jumping in with solutions based on what has been learned over the years.

As the Divine Feminine energy integrates on earth and begins to more fully express in the world as balanced male/female energy, the aggressive, active, be-er, do-er, traits of unbalanced masculine energy will recede.   As the receptive, intuitive nature of the Divine feminine aligns with the masculine,  life will be easier for those men and women who have always been compelled  to jump in and take charge of every situation whether they are needed or not.

The time has come to stand back and allow the I of your being to function through, in and as you rather than constantly trying to control everything through eyes unable to see the whole picture.  Like it or not, it is an energetically powerful time for everyone who has chosen ascension.  You must accept that many of the old ways are simply no longer valid in the presence of increasing more higher states of consciousness.

Many continue with attempts to make something that is complete and finished (often relationships)  work according to the world’s concepts of how things must be in order to be correct, fulfilling, meaningful, or loving.  These concepts are encouraged through your media, and a society that continues to embrace only third dimensional concepts based in duality and separation with regard to all issues of daily living.

At this time the world is experiencing a great deal of fear regarding the virus disease that has penetrated world consciousness.  As the  media continues its non stop promotion, it gives ever more reality and substance to the issue for you are creators.  Do not fear and do not give it power and thus substance.  As with all things that are not God ordained, maintained, or sustained, it will pass into the nothingness that it is,  if allowed.

There never has been or could ever  be death for you are spiritual consciousness and not physical bodies.  When a person leaves their physical vehicle behind it is always with permission given on a deeper level.  Stand back and allow,  become a silent observer of unfolding consciousness rather than a participant in the illusions of sense.   Even if your work lies in some area of world discord, you can still maintain a objective stance, helping, and serving for the highest good of all, but not aligning with appearances.

Living spiritually does not mean you can not see a doctor if you feel the need, nor does it mean you stand back and simply ignore the fear and suffering of yourself or those around you in an attempt to live the absolute.  Rather than pretending to a state of consciousness not yet attained,  hold  truth while lovingly ministering to self and others in the ways you are guided to which may simply be to do nothing but hold the Light.

It is a new time, new ways, new ideas, and change and to be a part of it you must allow and move with it.  It is why you are on earth at this time.  Align with and hold Light for Gaia as well, for she is a living soul and not an inanimate piece of dirt.  She needs your love and support as she too is clearing old energy.

Let the past go.  Let the present go.  Let it all go and move into  allowing.  You are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group
Marilyn Raffaele 


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